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Morrisons Has Just Released 'World's Hottest Chilli Cheese'

Morrisons Has Just Released 'World's Hottest Chilli Cheese'

The cheese is made using chillies that are 300 times hotter than jalapenos

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Big news, dairy fans - Morrisons has released a new cheddar cheese which is so hot it comes with a warning.

The Reaper Chilli Cheddar is made using Carolina Reaper chilli, which is said to be one of the hottest in the world and around 300 times hotter than your bog-standard jalapeños.


Just what you need during this heatwave, isn't it?

The spicy cheese is available at the in-store deli-counter for the bargain price of £1.50 for 120g and is perfect for anyone who loves their cheese served with a side of tears rolling down their face.

The cheese, which according to the packaging is 'very hot', comes with a warning which reads: "The Carolina Reaper chillies used in this cheese are extremely hot! Avoid contact with eyes, sensitive areas and thoroughly wash hands after handling." Very good advice.

It goes on to say the cheese should be avoided by anyone who is pregnant, or has asthma, skin allergies or digestive sensitives. And of course, keep it away from children and pets. Sounds quite scary this, doesn't it?

Rather ominously, it also warns that you should 'make everyone fully aware of the potential danger if eaten or handled improperly'. The mind absolutely boggles at the thought of how improperly someone can eat cheese.


Daniel Barrett, Deli Cheese Buyer at Morrisons, said: "Some customers have told us that they'd love us to sell more really hot foods. So, they've increasingly been buying cheddars with chilli in and this is the hottest we've ever served.

"It is perfect on top of a BBQ burger but it's definitely not for the faint-hearted. So, we advise handling - and tasting - with care!"

Nah don't listen to Daniel, go hard or go home.

The spicy cheese comes hot on the heels of Morrisons releasing the 'hottest supermarket curry of all time', in the form of its Volcanic Vindaloo.

Initially released to coincide with National Curry Week last October, it was relaunched as part of a meal deal due to popular demand.

The curry is prepared with the stupidly-hot naga chilli, which is actually used to make pepper spray, so it's definitely something you want to chow down on with rice and a naan, right?

This time around, the vindaloo has been matched up with bagful of other spicy offerings and is on sale for £5. It's on sale until 22 July, so don't hang around if you fancy burning your mouth off.

The takeaway-style meal deal features the volcanic vindaloo, a hot chicken tikka masala, portion of pilau rice, two onion bahjis and two chilli naan breads, so it's a perfect meal for two, or an even better meal for one greedy bugger.

Top those naans with some of the chilli cheddar and pop the toilet rolls in the fridge for tomorrow morning.

Featured Image Credit: Morrisons

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