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Morrisons Launches Yorkshire Pudding Christmas Dinner Meal Deal Wrap

Morrisons Launches Yorkshire Pudding Christmas Dinner Meal Deal Wrap

Why have bread when you can have Yorkshire pudding?

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

It's nearly the middle of November, meaning it is nearly still more than a month 'til Christmas, meaning everything has turned Christmas-coloured... for some reason.

But while the music and the adverts may be insufferable, the addition of some festive food to our menus is more than welcome. So far this 'Christmas' Greggs has been giving away festive bakes, Aldi has muscled in with triple pigs in blankets and a fish and chip shop in Devon has introduced us to the deep fried Christmas dinner.

Now, Morrisons has laid its cards on the table, launching the Christmas dinner Yorkshire pudding wrap.

The wrap is comprised of turkey, cured bacon, spinach, pork sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and mayonnaise - all encased in a Yorkshire pudding, of course.

Keen to be authentic, and avoid the wrath of proud Yorkshire folk, Morrisons are even producing the puddings in Leeds, to give it that reet good taste of t'genuine article, in't it?

Morrisons has launched a festive Yorkshire pudding wrap.

Better still, the portable £3 Christmas dinner is also included in the Food to Go meal deal.

The supermarket began developing the wrap following the success of its Yorkshire pudding pizzas. Ben White, Morrisons sandwich expert, said the new Yorkshire pudding wrap is a 'modern classic'.

He said: "Everyone loves Yorkshire pudding and everyone loves Christmas dinner, so we are combining the two to create a modern classic.

"We're looking forward to hearing what customers think but we hope that they'll love it."

While the wrap is undoubtedly intriguing, many people online have raised concerns that such a meal should not be eaten cold. However, the supermarket said the lunchtime can be enjoyed hot, should consumers have the time and desire to whack it in an oven or a microwave.

Alternatively, if you want to stock up on a few Yorkshire pudding wraps for your freezer, Lidl has also released a Christmas dinner wrap.

Lidl's contains turkey, Cumberland chipolata sausages and gammon paired with pork and sage and onion stuffing, all wrapped up in one giant, crispy Yorkie.

Lidl has launched its own take on the Christmas dinner wrap.

The wrap does cost £7.99 but there is enough there to serve six people (supposedly), meaning it is just £1.30 per serving (in theory). Still, they're a damn sight cheaper than the ones you'll find in Christmas markets up and down the country.

That said, it could be argued that it is a little more festive to spend a day out at the markets, rather than driving to Lidl before having a night in with your festive pudding wrap for six.

Featured Image Credit: Morrisons

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