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Mum Shares Incredible Biscoff Lasagne Recipe On Instagram

Mum Shares Incredible Biscoff Lasagne Recipe On Instagram

A mum has gone viral after sharing an incredible Biscoff lasagne recipe, which not only requires just five ingredients, but also doesn't need any cooking.


Walla Abu-Eid, who is based in Sydney, Australia, shared her simple but very ingenious recipe on Instagram, where she often posts food ideas to her 50,000 followers.

The mum-of-three showed just how easy it is to create a sweet twist on the Italian classic, and proved it's no more than a simple assembly job.

Speaking to LADbible's sister site Tyla, Walla said: "Last year I put together a dessert called the Nutella lasagne which was so delicious. With my recent obsession with Biscoff, I had to make a variation and the Biscoff lasagne was born!

"I made it for the first time on Instagram Live where so many people made it along with me, and it has been an absolute hit since then!

"It is the perfect refreshing dessert layered with Biscoff deliciousness!"


Many of her followers were instantly sold, with one commenting: "Omggggggggg I need this like right now write this very second that looks amazingly delicious."

Another added: "I need this in my life."

If you want to try Walla's Biscoff lasagne yourself, you'll need:

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3-4 packets Biscoff biscuits, depending on the size of your tray
600ml thickened cream
Dash of vanilla
1 tbsp sugar
Half a jar Biscoff spread

Then to assemble, you simply pop cream, sugar and vanilla in a bowl and whip until you get soft peaks, and melt the Biscoff spread in the microwave until it's runny.

Layer the biscuits in the base of your tray, before adding a layer of cream directly over the biscuits, before drizzling Biscoff spread on top.

Credit: Instagram/@walla_abueid
Credit: Instagram/@walla_abueid

Simply repeat until you run out of ingredients, making sure you finish with a layer of cream.

If you fancy giving your Biscoff lasagne an elegant finish, you can also place some Biscoff spread in a piping back and pipe out lines on top of the cream, before using a skewer to feather the lines in alternate directions.

Refrigerate for six hours or overnight, and then it's good to go!

Walla suggested that while there's no need to dip biscuits in anything - as you would with tiramisu, for example - if you don't fancy waiting a minimum of six hours before you can gorge on your creation you can always dip them in milk or coffee. If you do that, it should be ready in just three hours.

Go to Walla's Instagram feed for the full recipe video, and to check out some of her other creations like two-ingredient Biscoff mousse and Nutella cookies.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@walla_abueid

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