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Mum's Outrage At 'Overdone' Roast Potatoes From Toby Carvery

Mum's Outrage At 'Overdone' Roast Potatoes From Toby Carvery

Not everyone agreed with the woman's outrage

Dominic Smithers

Dominic Smithers

The British roast is a sensitive subject, and for good reason, it's a national institution, the one constant we can count on when everything else is going to shit.

And because it's such a hot topic for us Brits, we take it extremely seriously and are very particular about how it's done.

A solid example of this is mum Laura Heskett, who kicked off after being given 'burnt potatoes' as part of her £6.49 all you can eat roast dinner, at a Toby Carvery.

Laura posted a picture of her dinner with the caption: 'Toby Carvery expecting us to eat roasties like this!

"And the ones that came out after looked okay but they expected everyone to eat these first there was no other choice.

Laura was so disgusted with her meal she posted a photo on Facebook.
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"Please don't insult my intelligence by thinking I would pick these over nicer ones. Obviously the whole lot looked like this trust me I picked the least burnt ones believe it or not.

"Clearly these were the potatoes they were serving even the waitress was disgusted and gave us one meal free."

However, not everyone agreed with Laura, with many on Facebook saying they would have gladly wolfed down the spuds.

One person said: "Should've picked ones that weren't burnt.

"There were people there at the same time as you that haven't complained down in the comments?

Not everyone agreed with Laura, saying she should have chose more wisely from the counter.
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"You get two different choices of potatoes as well, if they were that bad you should've just passed or waited."

Another wrote: "We ate there tonight and the roast potatoes were lush, I like mine crispy like that."

"But if I didn't, I just wouldn't have picked them. There was another choice - don't get the potatoes."

A third person added: "I must be weird I love potatoes like that!"

Laura was't taking it lying down though and replied to the haters, telling them to 'calm down'.

Some agreed with the disgruntled mum however, saying they wouldn't have eaten them either.
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But there were a few people who came to her defence, sharing their disgust at the blackened roast.

"What in the Aunt Bessie eating, Sunday roast audacity, oven set to 620, taking well done to charcoal, kinda bullshit are these???

"And why for the love of GOD are people sitting here getting their knickers in a twist because someone doesn't like their fooking spuds looking like lumps of charcoal?," wrote another.

What do you think, cooked to perfection or burnt to within an inch of their life?

A spokesperson for Toby Carvery said: "All our roast potatoes are peeled, chopped and cooked fresh throughout the day."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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