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Woman Calls 999 Because A Takeaway Pizza Place Got Her Order Wrong

Woman Calls 999 Because A Takeaway Pizza Place Got Her Order Wrong

She ordered a meat feast but was given mushrooms instead, so called 999 to inform the authorities...

Megan Walsh

Megan Walsh

Honestly, what's with people these days? When did people decide it was alright to alert the authorities over the most mundane and ordinary annoyances? First there was the dodgy eyebrow appointment that was somehow deemed a heinous crime, and now this:

Yes, Essex Police have released a recording of a woman ranting about her takeaway troubles after she called the 999 emergency services number.

The recording started with the scorned pizza lover saying: "I've basically been mugged off by a fucking takeaway, would you believe it?"

...And you dialled 999, because?

"I rang up for a number 18, a number 18 meat feast, and she's trying to tell me, 'Nah nah, you ordered a number eight.' I am allergic to mushrooms so I know for a fact that I did not order a number eight," she barks at the operator.

"And now I've got a pizza sat here with fucking mushrooms on it that I can't eat. £11.99 later and she [the takeaway employee, presumably] will not help me."

Rightfully annoyed by the situation, the 999 operator replies to the time-wasting call: "Okay... so what can Essex Police do for you for the fact that your takeaway pizza is wrong?"

The caller admits that she doesn't really know what the police can do for her but that she just wants her money back.


The recording, which was released on Twitter, has received a backlash of comments from annoyed members of the public.

"Why don't morons like this get fined for time wasting?" one user commented.

Another said: "More of these people should be named and shamed... that operator could have been talking to someone that was really in a real emergency and muppets like this waste time... [they] should be fined for it."

The services are constantly inundated with emergency calls and almost a quarter of forces are struggling to cope with them in a timely way, according to a recent report by the Guardian.

Police funding has fallen by around a fifth since 2010, so there's just simply no time for people taking the piss over pizzas and plucked eyebrows - and these aren't even isolated cases.

There have been other calls, including a man calling about a bull in a field and another complaining about a helicopter flying above his house.

There are genuine emergencies happening that go way beyond these trivial matters, which is why Essex Police released the recording - in a bid to warn the public not to waste valuable time that could be spent assisting actual emergencies.


The More Time To Fight Crime campaign aims to spread awareness about what is and isn't a police emergency to try and reduce the demand on struggling forces.

The non-emergency police number to contact is 101.

It doesn't matter how soggy or mushroom-laden your pizza is, nobody should ever feel the need to sound the alarm over a crappy takeaway.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay / 20th Century Fox

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