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Nobody Has Completed The Massive Breakfast Challenge At This Welsh Café

Nobody Has Completed The Massive Breakfast Challenge At This Welsh Café

Included in the breakfast are five slices of bacon, five sausages, three eggs, fried potatoes and a helluva lot more

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Last year, this Welsh cafe set a challenge for people who can eat a lot - but no one has completed it.


Notty's Cafe has various huge eating challenges but this one seems to be defeating an awful lot of people and it's pretty easy to understand why.

Wondering why no one can finish it? Here you go.
Media Wales

The breakfast, known as 'Notty's Gutbuster', may be a bit of task for even the biggest eaters among us - which is presumably the reason why no one has yet succeeded.

It contains five slices of bacon, five sausages, three eggs, fried potatoes, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, four hash browns, four portions of black pudding, four slices of toast and a regular tea or coffee.

That is a lot of carbohydrates.

Just a lil' burger.
Media Wales

You can get all of this on a plate for just £12.50 ($16), and if you finish it within 25 minutes you get a place on the cafe's Wall of Fame. The prize of champions.

The faster the time, the higher you climb the board. Kinda like Top Gear, then.

But since it was launched, no one has completed the challenge - and the owners have opened another cafe. Clearly, all those contenders have made them rich.

Julian Nott pictured with his wife, Nicola.
Media Wales

Owner Julian Nott, 46, runs the cafe with his wife Nicola in Aberkenfig, near Bridgend, Wales.

If you pay them a visit you can also attempt to wolf down Notty's Badboy Burger, another challenge which has to be completed within 25 minutes.

The Notty Badboy is made up of four burgers, four portions of bacon, four cheese slices, three hash browns, an egg and some chips. Topped off with a bun, the monster burger can be bought for just £9.95.

Julian said: "Customers like a challenge. We are getting a leader board made for the wall of fame where people's names will be put on if they complete the challenge in the given time."

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Featured Image Credit: Media Wales

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