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Nutella Is Looking For Taste Testers At Its Factory In Italy

Nutella Is Looking For Taste Testers At Its Factory In Italy

You could land a part-time role sitting around, up to your elbows in delicious hazelnut chocolatey spread

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Hey, would you like to get a job that just required you to eat Nutella? If you answered no to that, you either have an allergy, in which case, you have my sympathies, or you're simply not human.

Well, if you're willing to put in some travel and quite possibly find another job for the rest of the week, you could land a part-time role doing just that - sitting around, up to your elbows in delicious hazelnut chocolatey spread.

Nutella are looking for 60 taste testers for their factory in Northern Italy and are offering four hours a week, spread (HA!) over two days. They say they'll give you a 'competitive salary' and you need have no specific experience, except - presumably - having eaten Nutella before.

As it happens, you can get a job as a taste tester for a lot of lovely food and drink products. Everywhere needs them, and if you're lucky you could end up spending your day drinking beer or whisky, or eating chocolate, Doritos or even chicken nuggets.


Goddamn it, university is so overrated.

The full Nutella job advert reads: "We are looking for people who would like to learn how to taste cocoa, hazelnut grains and other semi-finished sweet products.

"A paid training course (beginning in September and lasting three months) will aim to educate the sense of smell and taste and improve the ability to express in words what will be perceived with the tasting of semi-finished products.

"At the end of the course, candidates deemed suitable will be hired with a long-term supply contract with a part-time commitment of two days per week of two hours."


Sound like your sort of thing? Well, what are you waiting for? Whatever you're doing now can't be as fulfilling as sitting in picturesque Northern Italy eating hazelnut spread like some sort of modern day Roman aristocrat.

On the other hand, it's not a lot of work and the three-month paid training already sounds like you might eat enough Nutella in there to become sick of it forever more.

You'd also have to find something else to do for about 33.5 hours every week that paid decent money, and presumably you'd need a gym membership as you'd be leaving work at least two days a week full of chocolate spread.

Perhaps moderation is actually the way to go when it comes to Nutella.

The chicken nuggets on the other hand...

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