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​People Are Sharing Photos Of The Food At Ikea In Thailand

​People Are Sharing Photos Of The Food At Ikea In Thailand

Along with the Swedish staples found in Ikea restaurants everywhere, in Thailand people have been sharing photos of the snacks they get

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

One of the main selling points of Ikea is its homogeneity; you know you can waltz in and pick up a Billy bookcase like the one your friend has, with the satisfaction that it'll do the job nicely and won't cost you the Earth.

Likewise, Ikea's food is dependably familiar. But while we're used to seeing meatballs, gravadlax, hot dogs and soft-serve ice cream on the menu across the UK, not everything is the same when it comes to food on offer elsewhere in the world.

Over in Thailand, people have been sharing photos of the snacks they can get while shopping for Poäng armchairs, Klippan sofas and Rens sheepskin rugs.

Along with many of the Swedish staples found in Ikea restaurants across the globe, branches of Ikea in Thailand also serve up various other treats, from fried chicken and chips through to bubble tea.




A three-piece fried chicken and fries meal will set you back 65THB (£1.70), while a five-piece upgrade costs 125THB (£3.20).

The hot dogs come with a pretty delicious-looking nacho cheese topping (35THB/90p) and there's also a veggie version for the same price.


Then there's the ice cream. Sure, the stuff most people can get at their local Ikea bistro is great - especially now there's a vegan version for plant-based diets - but it turns out there's so much more out there, like this adorable creation, which comes complete with a little panda:



Oh, and there's pick 'n' mix sweets, too, with one Instagrammer sharing a photo that showed it costs 50THB (£1.28) for 100g.

"Like this, how can I not buy?" they wrote in the caption.


Hell, you can even get some lobster, with the Ikea Thailand website saying that's currently on offer for just 299THB (£7.65).

Simply choose whether you want it served with frices, sour cream sauce and salad of crumbed fish fillet, riceberry (a type of Thai rice) and tum yum sauce.


Ikea Salmon Balls.

The website also shows that, along with the iconic Swedish meatballs, you can also get salmon balls, chicken balls and a veggie version.

Sadly, it may be a while before any of you can jet off to Thailand to try any of these out (though why you'd want to spend any time shopping at Ikea when you're abroad is a little beyond me), so you'll just have to make do with recreating the classics at home for now.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bellkriaude

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