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​Photo Of British Food Section In US Supermarket Sparks Debate On Reddit

​Photo Of British Food Section In US Supermarket Sparks Debate On Reddit

Some users slagged off the choice of biscuits, while others were just chuffed to see Yorkshire Tea and Branston Pickle on the shelves

A photo of a British food section in a US supermarket has gone viral on Reddit, sparking debate about everything from pricing to what's on offer.

The snap was posted yesterday by u/cjm81499, who wrote: "The 'British' section at a local grocery store here in Florida, USA. How did they do?"

Below it is a thread of 1,000 comments, with some users expressing their sheer delight at the sight of Tunnock's Caramel Wafers, Marmite, Bisto gravy granules and Yorkshire Tea - while others argue the selection leaves a lot to be desired.


Listing out what they felt was wrong with the section, one user wrote: "The lack of Jaffa cakes is a major oversight; Needs crisps, and twiglets; The choccies are missing crunchie and smarties (though I think the latter are technically illegal in America); Some here are giving credit for the Branston, I dunno - lived in Canada for a while and you could find that in most big grocery stores, and not in the British or 'ethnic'/foreign food section; Mrs Balls chutney is South African (2nd row from bottom, on left)."

Another said the shelves needed 'some crisps', while a third added: "The biscuit section is also a bit weak for me."

Reddit - u/cjm81499

A third agreed: "Not too bad but it's missing the bourbon biscuits, custard creams and chocolate hobnobs which are always needed for good tea/coffee dunkage!"

Others pointed out the prices, with a packet of Jammie Dodgers on sale for what looks like $3.69 (£2.67) and a jar of Branston Pickle for $5.59 (£4.05) - obviously a little steeper than many Brits are used to paying for their staples.

"What are those prices??" one user fumed.

However, some people argued that the cost of the items wasn't actually that out-of-order, with one person explaining: "Import costs/low volume item/food is expensive here."

The majority of people on the thread were also pretty chuffed with the selection, which someone said was 'unusually good'.


Another user said: "Best British Aisle in a US store I've ever seen. Marmite, Bisto, Heinz Beans and a bar of Terry's... just take my money now."

Another added: "They have Irn-Bru and Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. The section is a complete success."

A user from Scotland also pointed out that the products were 'disproportionately' Scottish, suggesting it's less of a British section, as such.

They wrote: "Is it actually the Scottish section lol We're definitely disproportionately represented: McVities biscuits, Irn Bru, Tunnocks wafers, Mackays jams, Deeside Shortbread, Baxters Soup, Border Biscuits, Burtons Biscuits."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit - u/cjm81499

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