Pizza Hut Have Launched A Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Because They Want You To Be Happy

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Pizza Hut Have Launched A Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza Because They Want You To Be Happy

When was the last time you went to Pizza Hut? It was probably your ninth birthday party and your mum made you invite loads of 'friends' from school that you either A.) thought were weird or B.) bullied you every other day of the year.

These days it's all about Papa John's or Domino's because their marketing strategies are on point. Pizza Hut has been left behind, its clientele exclusively school birthday parties and awkward family gatherings.

But now they want the trendy young people, the Instagram generation back. And they think they have the answer.

The chain has now introduced the Bacon Stuffed Crust and will join other delicious crust creations, including the cheesy bites pizza and crust stuffed with mini hot dogs.


It does look pretty fine, there's no argument there. But is it enough to get the right-swiping, one-tapping food eaters of 2016 back on their side?

Who knows but it's a good start. Also, one of the main things Domino's and Papa John's have going for them is the excessively late opening hours. You'll find decisively few Pizza Hut stores open past 11PM.


Anyway let's not get ahead of ourselves, right now it's only available in the US, and for a limited time only.

As of yet there's no word on if Pizza Hut plan to introduce it on the opposite side of the Atlantic but if the trial goes well hopefully they will think about it.

Words by Matthew Cooper


Lead Image Credit: Pizza Hut

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