​School Issues Apology After Serving Kids Kangaroo Chilli

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​School Issues Apology After Serving Kids Kangaroo Chilli

You'll no doubt remember all the uproar from the horse meat scandal a few years back, where several supermarkets admitted that the meat in some of their processed beef products wasn't quite what it seemed. For many people, it was neigh laughing matter.

But this time we've got another animal meat under scrutiny, after school staff in Nebraska served up a surprise kangaroo chilli for kids. Sounds tasty, right?

According to The Sun, parents were left outraged when they found out what their children had been fed for their school dinner at Potter-Dix School, as staff had failed to inform them what was on the menu.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Superintendent Mike Williams was forced to issue an apology to parents, telling them: "On behalf of the Potter-Dix Public Schools, I apologise for the anxiety and any harm that this has caused individual students and/or families."

In a letter sent home to mums and dads, Williams revealed that the school's head cook, Kevin Frei, had made the decision to mix the meats in a chilli served to school kids last Tuesday. He had apparently added the kangaroo meat in due to its 'nutritional value because it is a very lean meat'.

Williams continued: "If a family wants to eat exotic foods, they can do so on their own time - not at school.

"If we were to have food or ingredients that are out of the ordinary, they should be listed on the menu so that the students and families are aware of what they would be being served.


"We will no way be serving food of this nature again. Period."


Apparently, school officials don't reckon kangaroo meat is dangerous or unhealthy, and believe it meets USDA standards that are required for companies to sell it.

But Williams added that the unusual meal is 'without a doubt not a normal staple of our diet' and will not be included on the school menu in future.


I mean, I personally think it could have been a lot worse - especially considering another restaurant in Perth was recently hit with a $14,000 (£7,850 / US $10,220) fine after pet food meat was found in their kitchen.

I'll happily eat a lot of slightly questionable things (especially after I've had a few drinks), but after smelling the stuff that normally gets served up to our four-legged friends, I think that might be my limit.

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