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Shops Have Easter Eggs On Shelves Already

Shops Have Easter Eggs On Shelves Already

Yep, we might have only just said goodbye to Christmas, but now Easter eggs are on sale

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

While most of us are currently sat watching Christmas movies, subsisting on Quality Street, pigs-in-blankets and left-over turkey while unsure of what day it is or when we were last sober, those pesky supermarkets have other ideas, because they think now is the perfect time to start flogging Easter Eggs.

However, many people on social media disagree and reckon it's far too early.

Am I only the greedy bastard who's just really happy that Creme Eggs are on sale again? And you've just worked your way through your last selection box, so why not go ahead and buy yourself some Mini Eggs? Or maybe you want to find out once and for all if there's any real taste difference between Lindt bunnies and reindeer? Makes sense to me.

Eggs were spotted as early as Boxing Day in some stores with people mostly just unable to believe what they're seeing.

One surprised shopper in Sandwich, Kent saw some chocolate eggs in his local Co-op, and shared a post to Twitter in which he - perhaps quite rightly - pointed out that we'd 'barely processed the Christmas food'.

Another added that supermarkets might be trolling us:

While many others wrote to say that they thought it was 'way too early' to be offering the chocolate treats for sale.

But Co-op was quick to defend itself on Twitter, with a reply from the official account explaining that 'some customers like to buy them early' while pointing out that they will still be in stock nearer the time, too. Well, that's good.

Anyway, don't forget guys, it's only 114 sleeps until the Easter Bunny is here.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Andrew Beer

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