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Skittles Ditch Rainbow Colours To Celebrate Pride Again

Skittles Ditch Rainbow Colours To Celebrate Pride Again

It's that time again where only one rainbow matters

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Throughout the month of June you might have seen that LGBTQ+ Pride is celebrated year on year. And this time round is no different, especially when it comes to Skittles HQ.

Because here we are again - the 'taste the rainbow' drops of joy have launched rainbowless sweets to celebrate Pride month throughout June.

Last year (and the year before that), the sweet manufacturer did exactly the same - ditching the usual brightly colourful packets, not to mention the sweets that we all know and love, for a monochrome theme.

Instead, the packets feature the slogan: "Only one rainbow matters this Pride. Give the rainbow, taste the rainbow."

Yes, guys.

This year, the campaign has been launched in collaboration with London brand agency Straight Forward Design to come up with a refreshing new packaging design concept that would directly involve the LGBTQ+ community.

Four artists were brought in to help. They were Thomas Wolski, Fox Fisher, Kate Moross and Maia Boakye.

Thomas Wolski's design of the Skittles packaging.
Straight Forward/Thomas Wolski

The artists created limited edition designs that celebrate Pride but stay true to Skittles' inclusive and positive brand message.

Each artist was able to communicate and express what Pride means to them using their signature styles.

Fox Fisher, for example, developed a packaging with Fox's kissing creatures, hand-drawn on an iPad, to depict love and respect for everyone.

Fox Fisher's Pride packaging.
Straight Forward/Fox Fisher
Kate Moross produced a digitally painted Pride's signature rainbow flag.
Straight Forward/Kate Moross

Kate Moross created a digital interpretation of Pride's signature rainbow flag which incorporated other symbols such as a sun, peace sign, raindrops and rainbows.

Maia Boakye's Skittles packaging.
Straight Forward/Maia Boakye

The final design was from Maia Boakye who created an illustration of colourful people intertwined in different positions.

And to make matters even better - every pack sold raises money for Switchboard, the LGBTQ+ helpline.

Happy Pride, people. #onerainbow

Featured Image Credit: Tesco

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