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This Is How Long It Will Take You To Run Off Your Christmas Dinner

This Is How Long It Will Take You To Run Off Your Christmas Dinner

Spoiler: It's not a ten minute jog

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Picture the scene. It's Christmas Day and you're tucking into you second (or third) helping of dinner. Exercise is the last thing on your mind, but you know that you've eaten a week's worth of food in a day and your pants are starting to feel a little bit tighter.

The average Brit eats around 6,000 calories on Christmas day alone, so it's probably a good idea to add some kind of activity in to your days away from the office.

Although, this is all a good idea in thought, actually going through with it requires some kind of motivation for most of us to get the ball rolling - and with this in mind researchers at Birmingham and Loughborough universities weighed 272 adults in November and again eight weeks later.

They gave half of the adults an activity sheet - which also came with information on how much individual items can take to shift.

So it can take 17 minutes to run off a simple glass of mulled wine and another 21 minutes casting off the calories from five chocolates.


If you were to moderate your pigs in blankets intake - understandably a difficult thing to do - and eat five little piggies it would equate to an intake of, roughly, 350 calories. This would need a 30-minute run to burn them off.

Mince pies are another festive treat most of us can't do without. Enjoying just one of the tasty pies could be an intake of 245 calories. This would mean 21 minutes on the treadmill to cast away the calories.

So, if you did decide to go the whole hog and really indulge in 6,000 calories worth of festive treats it could take you the equivalent of two marathons to run it all off - a jaw-dropping 52.4 miles.

And if running isn't your thing, you'd have to swim for around 13 hours straight or cycle over 109 miles - the distance from London to Nottingham - to combat a day of indulgence.

Christmas Dinner.

It's all about moderation at the end of the day.

Yes, Christmas is a truly acceptable time for us to indulge but if you keep that 52 miles in your mind it may just keep you away from the second (or third) helping of Christmas dinner.

Or maybe not...

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