TikToker Reveals How To Order The 'McBrunch' Burger At McDonald's

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TikToker Reveals How To Order The 'McBrunch' Burger At McDonald's

Hoping to level up your McDonald's experience? Then look no further, as one guy has revealed how you can order the 'McBrunch' burger - but only if you time your visit right.


The off-menu item is ideal if you've shown up a few minutes too late to get a Maccies breakfast, as it's a combination of the two menus.

In a video that's racked up millions of views, TikTok user @Theglasssniper explains: "Now this particular guy has two names to it; it's called the McBrunch Burger or it's called the Mc10:35.


"Why you ask? Well, there is a very small window at McDonald's where you can get breakfast and lunch at the same exact time."

As he pulls out the sandwich, he says: "It's a lot tinier than the other ones. So apparently it's a double cheese burger with egg and hash brown."

Plot twist - when he opens the burger, it appears they mixed up the order and gave him sausage instead of an egg.

He enjoys the burger nonetheless, taking a big bite out of it after saying that he'll have to try and get it right next time.


The TikToker describes the McBrunch burger as a secret menu item, something which has been heavily debated over the years.

A McDonald's employee previously appeared to put the debate to rest by stating that the secret menu doesn't exist - but he did say that this shouldn't stop you ordering items from it.

"You have the ability to customise almost anything on the menus," he explained.

Credit: TikTok/@Theglasssniper
Credit: TikTok/@Theglasssniper

"Thanks to social media, I have customers ask for crazy items such as the 'Mega Mac' or the 'Land, Air and Sea burger'. This isn't on our menu nor are we trained to create these orders.

"I usually ask the customer what the item consists of and what they would like to add. I usually remember these items for the next person that asks."

Other people were less than impressed with the video, with one writing: "I work at McDonald's, I've never heard of it and the window of time ain't that small it's 30 minutes when we switch over."

Another: "As a McDonald's employee... THERE'S NO SECRET MENU!!!"


Still, if we can go by the first employee's comment, there's a chance you could get your chops around the McBrunch burger - all you have to do is ask (and make sure you get there on time).

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