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​Twitter Is Remembering The Products They Wish Hadn’t Been Discontinued

​Twitter Is Remembering The Products They Wish Hadn’t Been Discontinued

If there's one thing we all love more than anything, it's lamenting the now-defunct facets of our youth, whether it's a band we once loved that has faded into the obscurity of middle age, or a toy we clung to as a child that's since taken a trip to the charity shop.

Well, the people of Twitter are taking a moment to walk down memory lane, sharing all the products they wish had never been discontinued. And BOY is it a blast from the past.


We're talking Honey Shreddies, we're talking Coco Pops Straws - hell, we're talking those weird white candy sticks that allowed you to pretend you were a badass MF smoking a cigarette.

The nostalgia trip began with the hashtag #IWishTheyStillMade, which prompted people to start posting about the chocolate bars, crisp flavours and more that they still yearn for, despite being long gone.

Recalling the absolute joy of some classic white chocolate-based treats, some people doffed their cap to the iconic Cadbury Dream bar and Cadbury Snow Flake (like a Flake, but better).


Others mentioned the likes of Rowntrees Bursting Bugs, Doritos 3D, BBQ Rib Walkers, Penguin Flipper Dippers, Bendicks Mingles and Mars Planets. Oh, and those weird Snaps things that were like chocolate Pringles.

In a nice twist, the hashtag also helped some people realise that the products they've been mourning for years are, in fact, still very much a thing.

Like Push Pops:

And Squirmles:

The power of the internet is truly wonderful sometimes.

Oh, and it wasn't just edible, drinkable products that people were remembering, either; some threw things back to everything from walkmans and Top of the Pops through Pogs and to DVD drives on laptops.

Others, meanwhile, took the chance to indulge in a little scathing social commentary.

"#IWishTheyStillMade people with common sense," one person tweeted, while another said they wished they still made 'original concept movies instead of sequels, and reboots'.


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