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Victory For The UK As Toblerone Bar Will Revert To Its Original Shape

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Victory For The UK As Toblerone Bar Will Revert To Its Original Shape

As they always say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. This statement is one that has been at the forefront of the UK public's collective mind ever since Mondelez International changed the shape of its Toblerone bars back in 2016.

However, in a truly significant moment in British history, the chocolate manufacturer has agreed to revert the bars to their original shape following a public outcry, filling in those ridiculous bicycle rack gaps with delicious, chocolaty triangles once more.


Mondelez claimed the shape change was simply a solution to the rising cost of ingredients. So the 170g bar went down to 150g, while its 400g dropped to 360g.


Most chocolate manufacturers just dealt with this by reducing the size of their bars, but Mondelez took a totally different approach by creating this utter monstrosity.

It's been two years and we're still WTFing all over the place - is it a toast rack? Is it a pair of Poundland vampire teeth? Is it a physical representation of Brexit? Whatever it is, the sudden change in stature stood as a proverbial slap in the face to the many dedicated chocoholics across the UK and beyond.


After a loud backlash online that has raged on for two long years, Mondelez has finally decided to raise the white flag and admitted its new shape had not been a 'perfect long-term answer' for its customers.

Now it will revert the chocolate bars back to their original shape and increase its 150g bars all the way up to 200g, much to the delight of its evidently dedicated fanbase. The Alps have been restored!


Of course, there is a downfall to be found in the tumult - this size increase does mean the price will go up too. However, we're guessing most customers will be more than happy to shell out a few extra pennies to have their old Toblerones back on the shelves (due for release next year, in case you're wondering).

It's a small victory but a significant one nonetheless. Because while the British public might not find success protesting such events as the POTUS's UK visit or even the Prime Minister switcheroo which went down without a new General Election, we have just proved that no one can mess with our chocolate bars goddammit. Viva la revolution!

Featured Image Credit: Toblerone

Topics: British, Chocolate

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