Woman Turns 1930s Family Home Into A Modern Masterpiece

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Katy's house before and after the transformation. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

Katy Wilson, 36, bought her detached 1930s property in Derbyshire back in February 2015. While it had strong curbside appeal, inside the house needed a lot of work - not least because it had just 2.5 bedrooms (the .5 of which wasn't even large enough for a single bed) and one bathroom to play with.

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Katy Wilson. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

Rather than just adding an extension to provide more living space, Katy decided the house deserved a complete overhaul to bring it into the 21st century, transforming it into a sleek designer home.

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The kitchen after it was ripped out. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

After the inevitably long wait for planning permission, Katy was eventually able to get cracking on her dream house in 2018, and started gutted the building.

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The entrance to the house 'stripped bare'. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

Katy told LADbible: "We bought the house in February 2015. We put in for planning in 2016 which took about 12 months for approval with back and forth with the local council."

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They found original floorboards and sanded them down. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

"We started the build in October 2018 - this was comprised of a two-storey side extension providing two new bedrooms, two en-suites, an office and a roof terrace."

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The extension being built. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

Katy has been sharing the journey over on Instagram under the handle @placefortyeight, where she currently has more than 39,000 followers. The project has even expanded into a business of the same name that comprises a blog, interior styling and e-design, which Katy runs alongside her job in software sales.

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The inside coming to shape. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

Along with extending the home's square footage, Katy also renovated the existing property, giving the whole building a modern upgrade to tie in with the stylish, minimalistic exterior.

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The transformed hallway. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

She continued: "We also fully renovated our existing house by stripping it back to plaster and rewiring. Our existing lounge, hallway, three bedrooms and bathroom were all newly decorated with bespoke joinery and all rooms have underfloor heating."

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The kitchen before and after. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

"The trickiest part was going through planning to get the external cladding on the house passed - we eventually got this through."

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The bedroom. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

"My favourite room is our bedroom because we added a partition to house the television and the other side for a beauty station."

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The bedroom. Credit: Instagram/@placefortyeight

"We also added an inbuilt wardrobe with sliding wardrobe."

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