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Petitions Call For 'Addictive' Video Game 'Fortnite' To Be Banned

Petitions Call For 'Addictive' Video Game 'Fortnite' To Be Banned has been linked to many social movements around the world, from calls for the entire Spanish government to resign, to affordable Internet for all in India.

Now, in Britain, it's currently being used by people fed up - mostly with their partners - for playing Fortnite ad infinitum.

A number of petitions have been set up calling for the addictive video game to be banned, in what would be an unprecedented slap in the face to capitalism.


The game, for those not in the know, involves lots of shooting, lots of dying (it's very hard to 'win' in Fortnite) and a hell of a lot of colourful characters, comedy and fun, fun, fun. But it's the addictive bit petitioners are not happy about.

While banning things generally doesn't necessarily result in a positive outcome (as suggested by the effects of various bans on booze and drugs), it must be noted that most of the petitions put up on the site are at least a bit tongue-in-cheek in tone.

One petitioner, aiming to get 500 signatures, wrote: "Fortnite is annoying, it is distracting when people talk about it in class. It is lowering my friend's grades as they are addicted to it. I don't know what to do, she's throwing her life away for the game."

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games

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Fair point, I suppose, but I played Championship Manager relentlessly during my GCSE's and look at me now, I'm a millionaire journalist. (Part of the previous sentence may not be true.)

Another said: "Fortnite is turning into more than a game, it's turning into an unhealthy obsession. I have heard kids saying, 'Why bother to read books or do work when I can play Fortnite'. It has to stop NOW."

As someone who loves books (less so work), I can assure you that Fortnite is not to blame for people not reading books anymore.

A more apt bone of contention with the addictive game came from Nicole, who wrote: "I'm signing because [the game] is all any fucker goes on about these days."


Seems fair.

Another commented that the game is having an adverse effect on relationships, which may very well be true.

As one campaigner wrote: "Fortnite is getting rid of social interaction for relationships. It would be different if the game was a little interesting but it's just ruining everything altogether."

Only time will tell if any of the petitions prove to be successful (spoiler: they won't) and this addictive, engrossing, moreish video game is banished from our screens.

Featured Image Credit: Epic Games

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