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PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 Consoles Are Going On Sale Next Month

PS2-Themed PlayStation 5 Consoles Are Going On Sale Next Month

Many gaming fans are delighted by the news

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Starting on 5th January 2021 you will be able to order yourself a 'retro-inspired' PlayStation 2-themed PS5.

You might remember but earlier this month there was a mock up of the design from whattheefth and SUP3R5. It received such an overwhelming response that SUP3R5 is going for it and creating a DualSense controller for $99 or/and a console from $649.


The bad news is that these limited edition consoles will be sold in very low supply. SUP3R5 confirmed in an email that it'll only be making 500 DualSense controllers and 304 consoles, making it a seriously hot item.

Even though these aren't official and SUP3R5 stresses it has no affiliation with Sony, they'll probably be snapped up pretty damn quickly.

SUP3R5 explained: "We feel obligated to do this based on the unexpectedly positive response from everyone. They added that since they'll be modifying existing components instead of manufacturing them, they don't expect to run into any legal challenges from Sony.

You can already sign up to a newsletter and reserve your console here.


Maybe it's time for everyone to take another day off work. That's what gamers across the globe did when the PS5 was released, according to a survey.

Interestingly, a majority of gamers revealed they planned to ditch work when the PS5 launched in their country so that they could spend all day with their new purchases.

A Reddit survey around the time of release found the vast majority of PlayStation fans planned either use annual leave or pulled a good old-fashioned sickie to spend some quality time with the next-gen hardware.


While the results of a Reddit survey are hardly comprehensive, a separate study carried out by found that 66.5 per cent of fans were taking day the PS5 launches off work.

On a slightly more worrying note, a few on the Reddit thread wrote that they were not taking the day off just so they could play the console, but more so that their precious package wasn't sat outside their house all day.

The things we do, eh?

Featured Image Credit: SUP3R5

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