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Sony Opens Registration For Limited Invite-Only Pre-Order For PlayStation 5

Sony Opens Registration For Limited Invite-Only Pre-Order For PlayStation 5

If you want to be in with a chance of getting a PS5 first, this is your shot

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Sony has announced the latest step on the long and winding road towards the release of the PlayStation 5.

An online registration has opened allowing people the chance to receive an invitation to be one of the first people allowed to pre-order the next generation console directly from PlayStation.

A lot of gaming fans will be very excited at this opportunity, as there promises to be a lot of clamour among fans to get their hands on this machine when it eventually emerges.

According to the actual Sony announcement, there will be a 'limited quantity of PS5 consoles available for pre-order' this Christmas, and the invitation system is a chance for PlayStation enthusiasts to shoot their shot to be opening that big special box underneath their tree this year.


Obviously, there's no guarantee you'll receive one of the invitations to pre-order the machine, as per the Sony FAQ page, that will be based on 'previous interests and PlayStation activities'.

Each invite will only be open for a limited time, and you'll only be able to purchase one console pre-order for each PSN ID, as well as - obviously - two new DualSense controllers and some other accessories.

Oh, and you'll need a US address to ship it to, just in case you're not living over there anyway.

The consoles will only be available while supplies last, so if you get an invite, you're gonna wanna try to act as quickly as possible.


This news doesn't actually tell us anything like a full release date, or the price the console is actually going to cost.

Sony is playing a long game with this release, so we'll just have to keep chasing the shadows until they eventually tell us what the damage is going to be.

Or maybe their hand will be forced when Microsoft announces what the price of its next-gen console is going to be?

Either way, if you're a Sony fan, you could do worse than to at least register an interest.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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