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‘Super Mario’ Offers Hope To Thai Football Team Trapped In Mine

‘Super Mario’ Offers Hope To Thai Football Team Trapped In Mine

Gaming's most iconic Italian plumber Super Mario looks as if he's up to his old heroic antics, but instead of saving a princess from a giant turtle, he wants to help free the Thai football team who are currently trapped in a cave.

The squad of 12 players and their manager have been in there for a total of 12 days, but the authorities are still trying to decide the safest possible way to free them from the flooded area.


It was experienced British divers who actually found the group, although the worst was expected, and they might have to train the children how to dive if there are no other alternatives.

We can't even begin to imagine how the families of those trapped must feel, but at least they've got some kind of reassurance from mine worker 'Super' Mario Sepulveda, who's been through something very similar.

Back in 2010, Mr Sepulveda was one of the 33 Chilean workers who were trapped 2,300ft underground after their mine collapsed.

They were stuck for a total of 69 days and only escaped when authorities built a special capsule, which lifted one person out at a time, and their incredible story has been made into a film.


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He was dubbed Super Mario by his co-workers for his positive, humorous attitude when all seemed lost, and now he wants to fly to Thailand to spread his hopeful beliefs.

He told the Sun Online: "I am planning on going there myself, so I can provide help and support, especially so I can be with their families and encourage them with my own experience.

"I think it would be really important. I am already looking at buying the plane tickets, I want to be there to help and it would be great if other miners could come with me too, because we all went through the same situation.

"The children must be feeling desperation, anguish, and there will be moments when they will enter into panic, thinking that they will be abandoned there to die.

"For this reason I think that it's very important that someone in the group stays positive, and that role needs to be done by the coach, as he is the only adult there.

"In my experience, the qualities which kept us alive and positive was a sense of humour, working together in a team, resilience, humility and much faith in God.

"This situation has made me relive our experiences, and I have felt again the anguish of being trapped underground."

We hope everyone can work together to get those who are trapped safely out of the mine, and our thoughts go out to everyone involved.

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