Uno Confirms You Can't Stack +2 Cards

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Uno Confirms You Can't Stack +2 Cards

The makers of Uno have caused a stir on social media after confirming that players can't stack +2 cards.

Yup, according to the official Twitter account belonging to the interminable game, it's against the rules to stack a +2 on top of a +2. Who knew?

The divisive tweet read: "Per management: You cannot STACK a +2 on a +2. Go ahead, roast us."


So, to break that down a bit, what ought to happen when you play a +2 is that the next person draws two cards and then skips their go - got it?

Stacking would mean the next player could also play a +2 card, avoiding having to draw the cards and forcing the player after them to draw four cards and miss their turn if they can't add another +2 to the pile.

Now, while the tweet has been 'liked' more than 13,000 times, it's fair to say not everyone is happy and plenty of social media users have hit back after finding out they've been playing the game wrong all this time.

One person wrote: "My whole life has been a lie."


Another added: "Uno just needs to understand they make cards, not rules."

While a third demanded: "Delete this."

One angry Uno fan asked: "Why can't you? If you can lay a 4 of any colour on top of a 4 that is red, why can't you lay a +2 on a +2 since they are the same card? Your rules aren't consistent!"

But the account has stuck to its guns, even painstakingly responding to a bunch of tweets that requested clarification.


Oh, and in case it wasn't clear from the original tweet, the account went on to explain that there's 'no stacking of any cards allowed' - so don't go thinking you can stack up a +4, either.

Credit: Uno/Mattel
Credit: Uno/Mattel

However, if you're really insistent on stacking cards, Uno did give a 'house rules' allowance, explaining: "When playing House Rules, you just need to make sure all players agree before starting the game."

To add to the confusion, stacking is allowed in the online version of the game, with Uno explaining: "Stacking is not allowed in the physical card game but the online game has an option to use some of the more popular House Rules, like stacking."


Happy Uno-ing!

Featured Image Credit: Uno/Mattel

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