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Influencers Sent To Prison For Over Three Years After Pranking Taxi Driver

Influencers Sent To Prison For Over Three Years After Pranking Taxi Driver

Three influencers have been sent to a Russian prison after pranking a taxi driver went wrong

Three influencers were sent to prison for over three years after pranking a taxi driver in Russia by pretending to steal his car. Watch below:

One of the men involved has been named as Aidyn Tussupov, who has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

The incident occurred in March, where the trio opted to play a joke on a taxi driver, according to Televisa News.

After calling over the cab to pick them up, they asked the driver to open the trunk. 

While the cabbie was opening the back boot of his car, one of the people involved got in the driving seat and drove away. 


Despite returning the vehicle minutes later, the driver had already informed the police. 

One of the bloggers was in the car and filmed the incident, including the driver's reaction.

It is believed that this isn’t the first prank they’ve pulled and authorities opted to sentence them to three years and six months in prison.

Authorities said on Thursday: "Dumshebay E., Tusupov A., Khasanov R. N. were found guilty of committing a crime under paragraph 2 of Article 166 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and they were sentenced to real imprisonment, for a period of three years and six months, with serving punishment in a general regime penal colony.”


In March 2020, one of the influencers, Ramir Khasanov, had previously scared the passengers of the Alma-Ata metro. 

Khasanov began coughing in a carriage full of people, bringing a napkin with fake blood to his mouth, as per MMORPG News.

It is believed that the influencers will likely be sent to a prison camp roughly 500km from Moscow. 

The publication say that the camps are old and in a bad state. 

Generally, the gulags are built in small towns where it is difficult to access, in case anyone want to try a Shawshank. 

It’s reported that the prisons generally house around 800 inmates and live in barracks of around 100 to 120 people. 

Sleeping arrangements involve bunk beds and rooms that were built to hold 50 or 60. 

Allegedly, there is only one bathroom with one toilet and one sink per barrack.


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/tussupov

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