Company Offers Lifetime Supply Of Alcohol To Single People For Just £1,275

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Company Offers Lifetime Supply Of Alcohol To Single People For Just £1,275

It might be a pretty heavy outlay, but paying just over a grand for a lifetime supply of alcohol sounds like a no brainer to me, especially for any singletons whose special someone is a four-pack of Stella.

Chinese online retailer Alibaba's recent offer of a lifetime of booze was limited to baijiu liquor and only available on the 11 November - meaning you've missed out - but for a one-off payment of 11,111 yuan (£1,275), it definitely sounds like something us lonely Brits would have liked to have got involved in.

As part of its annual Singles Day shopping holiday, the retailer's first 33 single customers were given the opportunity to purchase the lifetime supply. The offer means they will receive 12 bottles of baijiu wine every month until they shuffle off this mortal coil.


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If you're wondering what exactly Baijiu is, it's a spirit usually made from sorghum or rice, which often clocks-in an ABV above 40%. Although it's a relative unknown over here, its billion-strong fan base in China means it's the world's best-selling liquor.

A single bottle of Baijiu usually sells for 196 yuan (£22), so it would take less than half a year for you to make your investment back.


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In fact, its such a bad deal for the company that a lawyer interviewed by the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper, said it would likely be nullified if the company went out of business. They added that the offer could also be bad for the company's profits going forward.


As much as it gets a bad rep, there are actually some benefits to getting on the piss according to researchers. A study last month found that alcohol can improve your foreign language skills and apparently heavy drinking could have even had an influence on the development of the Aussie accent as we know it today.

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