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Dad Recreates Coles Supermarket To Let His Elderly Mum Shop For Groceries

Dad Recreates Coles Supermarket To Let His Elderly Mum Shop For Groceries

Jason's mum, who has dementia, can't shop anymore, so her family decided to bring the supermarket to her

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

An Australian dad has recreated a supermarket for his elderly mum, who has dementia, so that she can shop for groceries in peace.

The coronavirus pandemic has seen out some pretty awful behaviour, with some shoppers hoarding toilet paper and getting into scraps in supermarket aisles.

But just when you thought you might have lost hope in humanity, in steps Jason van Genderen.

The Aussie realised his 87-year-old mum had to stay indoors to protect herself against the coronavirus. As a result, she wasn't allowed to do her usual tasks like grocery shopping.

So, Jason decided to bring the supermarket to her.

Jason van Genderen via Storyful

He and his family turned their living room into a Coles supermarket, complete with a large sign and even an adorable checkout counter.

Jason said: "Normally we have some carers visiting every few days to help her with social visits, shopping, personal care etc, but due to the pandemic we all home-isolated four weeks ago to keep her safe from Covid-19.

"Any changes to her weekly routine throw her capacity to cope with normal everyday routines into a total tailspin - so missing out on shopping has caused a huge deficit in her cognitive function. It's been a sizeable regression.

"The idea we had about making a supermarket at home was to try and reinstate the weekly shopping trip so she felt she had the role to perform.

Jason van Genderen via Storyful

"I'd gone out the previous evening and purchased all her goods and we simply made them available on-shelf at home.

"We've been documenting our journey through this from day one, as both an in-house therapy for all but also to document what life this close to dementia is really like.

"It's heart-achingly difficult, but creating slivers of lighthearted moments help carry our whole family through."

The small gesture will no doubt help Jason's mum feel a little at ease during this difficult time.

Coles and other supermarket chains across Australia have tried to help the elderly and vulnerable from the empty aisle crisis.

They've introduced dedicated shopping hours at the beginning of the day to help them get a jump on the rest of the shoppers and pick up what they need without having to shoulder people out of the way.

Featured Image Credit: Jason van Genderen via Storyful

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