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Fundraiser Launched For Little Boy Who Stuck Middle Finger Up To Cancer

Fundraiser Launched For Little Boy Who Stuck Middle Finger Up To Cancer

A fundraising campaign has been launched for an adorable little boy who was snapped giving cancer the finger after diagnosis.

Four-year-old Franck Hewitt seemingly tells cancer to get fucked in the cheeky photograph his mum shared just two weeks after he was told he had lymphoblastic leukaemia.


Little Franck is currently undergoing treatment and now faces the possibility of losing his hair.

Mum Anna Hewitt, 40 from Dowend, Bristol said: "He's on a lot of medication, but he's spirited.

''It's just a bit of an 'F you' to cancer.

"He's a kid, they're resilient. I think an adult in his position would struggle a hell of a lot more.

Franck Hewitt. Credit: SWNS
Franck Hewitt. Credit: SWNS

"But we're in unknown territory. He's probably going to start losing his hair very soon, which is a big deal for him.

"We've been told it's going to be difficult, but we're not there yet."

Anna, Franck, his sister Ruby and dad Paul recently moved to Bristol from Brighton, where Paul was working as a barber. However, since being given the diagnosis he has been unable to work, so a GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family financially while Franck continues his treatment.

On the fundraising page, the family wrote: "There is never an easy way to ask for money but if you could give as little as £1 we would be eternally grateful."

Anna said since launching the page the support coming in from well-wishers has been 'overwhelming'.

"It's been phenomenal," she added. "It's overwhelming. The page managed to raise £25,000 in the first 12 hours.

"Neither of us wanted to set up the page, we're not the type of people to ask for help with money. I was shaking as I clicked the button to create the page.

Franck with mum Anna, dad Paul and sister Ruby. Credit: SWNS
Franck with mum Anna, dad Paul and sister Ruby. Credit: SWNS

"But at times like this there really is a massive strain on people who are self-employed, and have no chance of compassionate leave from an employer.

"Paul needs to help look after Ruby, so he can't keep going to work in Brighton." Anna added: "It really is unbelievable that people have been so generous. It's come from around the world, everywhere.

"It's scary and it's horrible to even have to think about things like money at a time like this, but to have such support has been amazing."

The family were only given the devastating news on 5 October, just a few weeks after he began reception class.

Anna said: "A couple of weeks in to school he came home one day with a nosebleed.

"He's very active and loves scootering and he's always got bumps and marks on him from one thing or another.

"But then he kept coming home from school with bruises, and I wasn't getting accident forms.

"About three weeks ago I picked him up from school and he was complaining about a bad leg.

"One of his teachers told me that he'd got really tired during the day and had gone as white as a sheet.

"So over that weekend I took him to A&E - and they spotted loads of bruises on his back that I hadn't seen.

"They sent us home saying that Franck had an irritable hip - but my mother's intuition kicked in and I knew something serious was going on.

Credit: SWNS
Credit: SWNS

"A couple of days later he was then complaining of a pain in his other leg, so I took him back and they ran some blood tests on him, and that was when he was diagnosed.

"Our world came crashing down around us."

Franck is now being cared for at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, where the staff have been 'amazing', according to Anna.

"They've been amazing," she said. "We can call them up whenever we want with any questions or concerns.

"It's been completely unknown territory - we've been a bit like rabbits caught in headlights.

"Thankfully, Franck has great odds of recovery - about 98 percent. But that word 'cancer' is always there.


"We've been told that if everything goes well, there will be three and a half years of treatment ahead, with an intense six to eight months from now."

Adding to their GoFundMe page Anna wrote: "As much as we need help we also realise that there are a lot of families and kids out there that need it too.

"This is why we have loads planned for fundraising to raise awareness and money for Bristol Royal Hospital for Children & Clic Sargent."

To donate to Franck's fundraising page, click here.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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