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Man Proposes To Train Driver Girlfriend As She Pulls Into Dublin Station

Man Proposes To Train Driver Girlfriend As She Pulls Into Dublin Station

All aboard the love train

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A train driver was left 'totally surprised' when her boyfriend set up an elaborate proposal that took place as she pulled her train into Pearse Station in Dublin.

Paula Carbó Zea was guiding the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) train down the platform when she set eyes on her boyfriend Conor, who had put up a sign asking for her hand in marriage.

He'd also managed to get the station's intercom playing 'their song' and arranged for her to leave the train two stops early, as another driver was ready to take over so she could be with him.

Luckily for Conor, she - of course - said yes, while the onlooking crowd cheered and clapped for the happy couple.

You have to admire Conor's forethought here - he even managed to get Irish Rail on board for his extravagant gesture.

Paula later told RTE News: "First of all I just saw big whiteboards as from far away you can't read them but as I got closer I saw the 'Will you marry me?' and then I saw lots of people on the platform and Conor standing there with the flowers and the ring.

"My first reaction was that I will kill him," she joked, before admitting that it was 'amazing, with all the passengers clapping'.

She added: "It was just so nice."

Conor got down on bended knee for his proposal.
Iarnród Éireann

She told FM104: "First of all, I was thinking, 'I am not finished as I had two stations to go, what is going to happen with my train?' but then someone told me another driver was going to take over.

"He organised a lot of things and moved a lot of pieces to pull this off."

For his part, Conor admitted that he was so nervous that he was 'jumping around on the platform to relieve the tension' but his nerves vanished when she told him her answer.

Iarnród Eireann (Irish Rail) tweeted a message of congratulations to the happy couple, as well as sharing footage from inside the train as Paula pulled it into the station.

In a statement, they said: "Paula's DART driver and Pearse Station colleagues ensured an inspector and a relief driver was ready to take the DART onwards, in anticipation that Paula would be staying in Pearse to celebrate.

"Station staff had music requested by Conor playing to mark the moment, and customers and staff alike were thrilled to share such a moment of brightness in such a challenging year."

Of course she said yes. Credit Iarnród Éireann
Of course she said yes. Credit Iarnród Éireann

The platform footage was shot by midwife Clodagh Maher, who captioned it: "[I] didn't think anything could perk me up after a busy 13-hour shift, and some gent goes and proposes to his girlfriend driving the incoming train at Pearse station."

In response to the reaction to the video, Paula told her: "Thank [you] so much for sharing this moment. I was so surprised and at the same time excited. Thank you everyone who was involved to make this moment beautiful and perfect."

It's the kind of moment that we could all use more of during this wretched year.

Featured Image Credit: Iarnród Éireann

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