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Recovering Sex Addict Reveals The True Extent Of Her Dependency

Recovering Sex Addict Reveals The True Extent Of Her Dependency

One brave British woman is attempting to lift the stigma around sex addiction.


It's a condition that certainly has its sceptics, with addicts having to face accusations of using the title to act in self-indulgent behaviour without punishment. Which is why the bravery of Rebecca Barker, 37, a self-confessed former sex addict, is so invaluable.

On TV program This Morning, Barker spoke frankly and openly about her own sex addiction and how she remarkably conquered it.

She claimed that at one point her condition was so serious that it ruined her entire life.

Despite this, the mother of three admitted that when her dependency was at its worst, she had no idea she had a serious problem.

"While I was going through it - for me it lasted three months- it wasn't until it stopped that I realised it was an addiction," she explained on This Morning.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

When asked how often Rebecca needed to have sex to relieve urges, she revealed it was 'at least five' times a day, even though that soon 'wasn't enough'.

She explained: "I only got relief from the obsessive thoughts during sex, but as soon as it finished it was back on my mind again.

"I felt very ashamed that it was all I could think about."

But Rebecca has put fire to any theory that her escapades were wild and enjoyable, saying that she could not find any pleasure in anything during the height of her addiction.

'Before I had the addiction, sex with my partner was a pleasurable experience. During it there was none," she explained.

Sex addiction is often thought of as afflicting people who seek multiple partners, but in fact, even those in the most committed of relationships can struggle.

Rebecca is trying to get the condition officially recognised by NHS so they can treat it.

When asked why she has decided to come out about her issues, she said that she wants to break the stigma around the topic. The hope is that the addiction gets widely recognised, which will encourage more people to open up and seek help.

Rebecca had to change jobs and move to France following her experience, but amazingly, she's now conquered her sex obsession.

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Explore more here and don't suffer in silence. Reach out. It's the brave thing to do.

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Featured Image Credit: ITV

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