The Things You Learn Being A Transgender Bartender

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The Things You Learn Being A Transgender Bartender

Working in nightlife is kind of ingrained in me, because my dad always worked in hospitality, so I would spend my summers following him around pubs and playing in beer gardens.

It's the kind of environment I've always felt comfortable in. Especially if you're queer, or trans, I think it's natural to spend a lot of time going out, seeing friends and just immersing yourself in that diversity you really find in nightlife, especially in big cities.

It's funny, I find that being a minority makes it easier to understand other people's experiences. As a trans guy, for example, I find that I have a better understanding of the way that women are treated, especially when they're out and about in a bar situation.


My workplace is very liberal anyway - I can't think of anyone I work with that wouldn't agree that feminism is a great idea - but I definitely think I make an effort to be more respectful when I speak to women.

I think that stems from the fact that I know what it feels like to be alienated, or treated like the 'other' in a public setting. That makes you understand how upsetting it can be for people, so you don't want anyone else to have that experience when they're in your bar.

That's what's important to me: that people feel comfortable and have a nice time. It's a really brilliant feeling to know that my work plays a part in making that happen.

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