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Boy Who Weighed 30 Stone Loses Half His Body Weight And Encourages Others To Get Healthy

Boy Who Weighed 30 Stone Loses Half His Body Weight And Encourages Others To Get Healthy

He's completely unrecognisable now

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A boy who weighed 30 stone has shed more than half of his body weight is now encouraging others to improve their health.

14-year-old Arya Permana weighed 30 stone when he was spotted first at the age of 11.

Now, he has dropped down to only 13 stone and is trying to get others to use his example to begin their own health journey.

The youngster used to eat nothing but junk food and couldn't even attend school because he was so large that he couldn't stand to walk there.

However, through making some incredibly impressive lifestyle changes he is now able to do everything that normal kids do, and ride a motorcycle as well.

Arya before his weight loss journey began.
Caters News Agency

The doctors were baffled after they saw pictures of Arya playing around in a water tank to keep cool in his native Indonesia several years back.

But, after a carefully controlled diet and a load of regular exercise, the change has been remarkable.

He did also have bariatric surgery that brought his weight significantly down to begin with, but the rest has all been hard work and restraint.

A full 17 stone has come off the youngster, and he wants to encourage other people with his own example.

He's even got some tips for those who want to shed some unwanted poundage.

Arya said: "Most people go on a forced diet within a week and on the eighth day they are happy but eat a lot and again gain weight.

"The portion of the meal should be reduced gradually. Reduce it a little every week and not immediately, for example, eat a plate of rice and then reduce it only to 5 tablespoons. Don't make it difficult for a diet, that's what I did."

Arya's exercise consists of walking three kilometres each day, and playing sports like basketball for two hours.

He also walks to school, although they've had to shut down because of coronavirus.

As you can see, Arya's transformation has been remarkable.
Caters News Agency

He continued: "I can play sports. I play basketball with friends. I can also ride a motorcycle.

"In 2015, I didn't expect all this was possible or I could lose weight. Now it's feels better, so different."

Dr Handy Wing, who performed the surgery to reduce his stomach capacity, said: "We made a shape like a banana and his stomach was 30 per cent of the original size of the normal stomach which reduced his intake and eat smaller portion of food that helped reduce his weight.

"It feels wonderful that he can live like other children and do normal activities."

He's now 17 stone lighter.
Caters News Agency

As for Arya, he concluded: "Now the intention is to lose weight by dieting and exercise."

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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