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This Irish Mammy Is Raffling Her House To Pay For Her Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

This Irish Mammy Is Raffling Her House To Pay For Her Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

Lucy Keoghan is raffling off her house in Kilkenny to raise money for children's cancer charities.

Mike Wood

Mike Wood

Irish mammies are awful resourceful. The women who can turn a wooden spoon into the most threatening weapon on Earth, who can heal the sick with nothing but whiskey and holy water, who can terrify people with a raise of an eyebrow - they're not to be messed with.

Lucy Keoghan is one such Mammy. She's come up with a novel way of raising money for charity: raffling off her dream home. The money is for the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, and I'll let her explain the story.

"This year has been tough for everyone having to deal with COVID-19," she wrote on the fundraising page for her raffle. "Unfortunately we have also had to deal with our 7 year old little girl Mollie being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. A devastating blow for all our family. With this life changing news and plans for our future we have decided to sell our barn in Ireland. As we are living in unusual times we have decided to sell the barn using an unconventional method......a raffle. Are we mad you may ask....perhaps!!!!"

The deal is this. "In order for the house to be won we need to sell 130,000 tickets," she writes. "If we don't meet the target, then as per Raffall's terms, the draw will still take place and the winner will receive 75% of the ticket revenue as compensation. The charity will also receive their 5% donation......and we will receive NOTHING! However we do get to keep our house and will also have the opportunity to sell it in a more traditional way."

You might, at this point, be wondering what sort of house this is. Well, according to Lucy, it's a "4 bedroom Barn style house situated on the side of a hill with stunning views across the countryside and only 8 miles from the medieval city of Kilkenny."

"The Barn despite its outwardly old appearance is in fact relatively new constructed by ourselves in 2010/11, using extensive amounts of natural limestone sourced from family land. It also enjoys modern features such as underfloor heating and a pressurised water system fed from the Barns own 400ft deep well. If you happen to be up early enough you may just see the local deer in the garden who wander in from the adjacent forest."

It's amazing. Both the house and the idea. You should definitely take part. Here's the link, should you decide to.

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