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Aldi Selling Half-Cool Half-Warm Duvet For Couples Who Like To Sleep In Different Temperatures

Aldi Selling Half-Cool Half-Warm Duvet For Couples Who Like To Sleep In Different Temperatures

The Slumberdown 'Made For Us Two' duvet is available from Aldi for £19.99 and could be a game-changer for some couples

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

If you and your significant other are constantly involved in arguments about being hot or cold at night, you might just be able to pick up the solution to the problem at Aldi for less than 20 quid.

You see, they're currently selling a product called the Slumberdown 'Made For You Two' duvet, which comes split into two, with one half keeping one partner toasty warm, and the other keeping the other cool.

That basically means that one half of the duvet is 4.5 tog, and therefore cooler, and the other is 10.5 tog, and - as such - keeps you much warmer.

This can work well for those who are single and don't want to have two duvets for the winter and summer months, but it could also help out those who are in a couple where one likes to be less warm at night.

They're definitely out there, which is why there's surely a market for this product.


Selling currently at £19.99 on Aldi's online market, the product description reads: "Get the sleep you deserve with this Made For You Two Double Duvet.

"This clever duvet has one half that is 4.5 tog in thickness for the warmer months, and a 10.5 tog half for the chillier months, or, if you sleep with a partner who prefers to be warmer or colder, this duvet is the perfect solution to ensure bedtime harmony.

"So snuggle down, and enjoy the perfect temperature."

The duvet itself is completely machine washable, and is two metres by two metres, so should be big enough for the vast majority of people.

It was shared yesterday on Facebook group 'Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK' where it has since been commented on more than 5,500 times, and shared nearly 400 times.


As well as loads of people tagging their friends and significant others under the post, some have shared the reasons they need such a product in their lives.

One said: "I need the warm side just as I get into bed and then I can move over to the cooler side during the night! Perfect!"

Another person commented: "Ah but the warm part is for my feet and the cool part for the top half! It's Not for couples it's for cold feet!"

OK, now that is actually genius.

A third simply told their partner: "I've never seen anything we need so much."

Anyway, they're available online now for just £19.99 at Aldi.

Featured Image Credit: Aldi

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