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Astronaut Shows Bizarre Way Honey Moves In Space

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Astronaut Shows Bizarre Way Honey Moves In Space

An astronaut has shared a video showing the bizarre way honey behaves in space. Now, I bet you that's not a sentence you thought you'd read today - but you can check out the clip for yourself here:


David Saint-Jacques an astronaut from Canadian Space Agency (CSA) posted a clip in which he shows the impact of microgravity on honey.

In the clip David says: "I'll show you the strange behaviour of honey in zero-g."


He then slowly unscrews the lid before gently pulling it away, as he does so the honey stretches and stretches without breaking.

He then starts to wriggle the long stand of honey around before spinning the lid and letting it go, creating a sort of honey twist.

Credit: Canadian Space Agency
Credit: Canadian Space Agency

He ends the clip by saying: "Strange things happen when you remove gravity."


Although the clip has been around since 2019, it's recently resurfaced on TikTok where it's attracting plenty of attention.

TikTok users have been impressed by the clip with one person posting: "Urgh space is so cool. I love stuff like this so much."

Someone else said: "I'd be playing with honey all day long, forgetting about the work I'm supposed to do."

Another joked: "It was worth spending a few million dollars for this experiment."


Meanwhile, in 2013, fellow Canadian astronaut showed what happens if you cry in space - presumably in case your space honey ends up attracting a bunch of space ants and you end up with an emotionally trying situation on your hands.

Chris Hadfield said he's often asked what happens when you tear up in space, but he was far too happy to push out some tears so he sprinkled a bit of water in his eye instead.

In the clip, he explained: "So, just as if I started crying, my eye's full of tears.

"But you can see it just forms a ball on my eye.

Credit: Canadian Space Agency
Credit: Canadian Space Agency

"In fact, I can put more water in. And so if you keep crying, you just ended up with a bigger and bigger ball of water in your eye, until eventually it crosses across your nose and gets into your other eye, or evaporates, or maybe spreads over your cheek - or, you grab a towel and dry it up.

"So yes, I've gotten things in my eye, your eyes will definitely cry in space, but the big difference is tears don't fall."

So there you go.

Topics: Interesting, Weird, space

Claire Reid
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