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Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Proposes Opening Up Cargo Holds For Passengers

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce Proposes Opening Up Cargo Holds For Passengers

Qantas is still celebrating its first non-stop flight from Australia to the UK, but the airline is certainly not taking its foot off the accelerator.


What's the most annoying thing about long haul flights? Duh, it's spending hours upon hours sitting in a cramped seat. Sure, you can get up and stretch your legs for a few minutes, but everyone awkwardly watches you standing around the toilets like a creep and the moment you sit down, the pains start again.

Well, Qantas Chief Executive Alan Joyce is looking to make use of every available space on a plane to make sure passengers have a nice flight.

Speaking to the Australia-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce in London, the Sydney Morning Herald reports, Mr Joyce said: "One of the concepts that we have is, maybe if we're not carrying freight, you do something lower where cargo is on the aircraft - do you have an area where people can walk...[or] be used as an exercise area? Do you have berths like on a train?

"There's a lot of 'out there' thinking that's going on


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"I don't know if in 2022 if there's going to be another class. But if there is, Qantas is likely to be the airline that creates it."

It would certainly be a game changer and allow you to really stretch your legs during flights which can last up to 17 hours.

While most airlines offer movies, TV shows, music and news on the entertainment side of things, there's only so many things you can watch before you get restless - so the opportunity to pop downstairs, maybe go for a decent walk, would be heaven.

How that would work in terms of sudden, unexpected turbulence would be an issue that Qantas or any airline would have to work out and rigorously test before it was even remotely considered, but we can still dream.

On the back of the Perth to London trip, Qantas is setting its sights on soon having a Sydney and Melbourne service that goes direct to the UK, which would probably take around 22 hours.

At the moment, there's not an airline anywhere that has a passenger plane that can fly those routes when they're fully stocked with people and freight - there's simply not enough fuel. But our vehicular technology is advancing rapidly so that could be a possibility in the not-too-distant future.

To be honest, you'd definitely want a cargo hold area if you're sitting on a plane for nearly an entire goddamn day.

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