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Charles Bronson To Invest In Bitcoin With Crypto-Art Sale And Wants Elon Musk To Buy His Work

Charles Bronson To Invest In Bitcoin With Crypto-Art Sale And Wants Elon Musk To Buy His Work

Bronson will become the first prisoner to sell his work on the crypto-art market

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Britain's most notorious prisoner Charles Bronson is set to auction off a limited number of his artworks as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the crypto-art market, and he dreams of one day selling one of his pieces to billionaire Elon Musk.

An NFT - in relatively simple terms - is a kind of one-off digital certificate that is verified through blockchain technology.

The pieces that are to be sold have been recreated from original pieces of Charlie's artwork, which is set to be burned, meaning that the digital NFT will be the only version of the art in existence.

Of course, Bronson is in prison, and hasn't been allowed to use a computer during that time, but he has a team of people on the outside - including his son, George Bamby - who are set to auction off six of his pieces, hoping to raise around £1.5million for Bronson.

Bronson then hopes to move into cryptocurrency by investing the proceeds in Bitcoin.

Some of Charles Bronson's artworks.
Inloop Digital

That's not exactly a pipe dream, either.

Bronson has already sold off some of his art - featuring a hidden blood-stained thumbprint - for £545,000 to a Jersey-based private collector in 2017.

The market is there, then.

When the pieces go on sale next Tuesday, they will be the first ever artwork sold by a prisoner to hit the crypto-art world, so interest in them is expected to be high.

Bronson has reportedly developed an interest in both cryptocurrency and Musk through reading and watching television while in prison, and his son believes that the fact he hasn't used actual currency for decades has kindled his affection for the sometimes-baffling world of Bitcoin.

Bronson pictured in prison with his son George Bamby.
George Bamby

Bamby explained: "There's never ever been a prisoner in the UK, or in America, or anywhere that has sold any of their artwork digitised on a cryptocurrency platform.

"Charlie loves all of that cryptocurrency thing, and when he comes out he's going to invest loads into Bitcoin and all of that.

"The thing is, he's never seen money for 47 years, so basically he understands more about cryptocurrency than he does about real money."

Bronson hopes billionaire Elon Musk will buy one of his crypto-art pieces.

He continued: "He just reads the newspapers and loads of other stuff, and he's seen this Bitcoin thing go absolutely mental and he wants a piece of it.

"Obviously, his artwork is his life and what he wants to do, so his dream is to have one of his digital artworks owned by Elon Musk.

"Ultimately, he'd love the richest man in the world to have a piece of his art."

So, if you're reading Elon, you'll have the chance to bid on Charlie's artwork in less than six days.

The link to bid on the artwork will drop on Tuesday (April 20) over on the website for Inloop Digital.

Featured Image Credit: George Bamby/Inloop Digital

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