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Couple Who Met While Stranded On Cruise Ship Expecting Baby Together

Couple Who Met While Stranded On Cruise Ship Expecting Baby Together

After meeting in floating quarantine, they're now engaged and with a baby on the way

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

A couple who met after they were stranded together on a Caribbean cruise ship that couldn't dock due to coronavirus are now expecting a baby together and plan to be married.

Twenty-eight-year-old Bethany Suthers and 29-year-old Max Vakulich were trapped together in their floating quarantine because they were both working a contract on the cruise ship when the pandemic took hold of the world.

They both fell in love at first sight and spent the two months that they were trapped on the ship getting to know one another.

Now, Bethany is just a few days from giving birth to their first child together.

Caters News Agency

Upon realising that they'd be separated between their two countries - Bethany is from West Yorkshire - she flew to Max's native Belarus where they learned that they are expecting a baby girl.

Max now has a visa to work in the UK and has been here since August, and he proposed to Bethany just a month after his arrival.

On the ship, Max worked on the bar and Bethany was an actor, but now they're to be husband and wife.

Bethany explained: "This wasn't how I expected my 2020 to go but everyone's 2020 has been unexpected.

"I had a seven-month cruise contract, and now I'm getting married and expecting a baby so I have a totally different life now.

Caters News Agency

"If it wasn't for Covid, this might never have happened for me.

"I've asked Max before if he would have approached me if the passengers had been on board, but he just doesn't know.

"If it wasn't for us being stranded, we wouldn't have been able to spend all that time getting to know each other."

Caters News Agency

They only got two weeks into the voyage before the passengers had to leave, leaving the crew alone on the boat.

That's when Max seized his opportunity and spoke to Bethany.

He said: "Bethany stood around the table with her friends and drinking prosecco when I first saw her.

"She had a green silk dress, high-heeled shoes, perfect long dark hair and a smile with snow-white teeth.

"She was laughing and behaved so lightly and gracefully, it was love at first sight.

"I'd never wanted a serious relationship until I saw her."

Caters News Agency

Bethany added: "We were in lockdown on the ship and just floating aimlessly in the Caribbean sea with an announcement every now and then because the captain didn't even know what was going on.

"We spent almost all of our time together, watching films, playing puzzles, talking and doing jigsaws."

Their baby is due to be born on 28 February.

Featured Image Credit: Caters News Agency

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