You'll No Longer Find Cauliflower 'Steak' In France

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You'll No Longer Find Cauliflower 'Steak' In France

As veganism becomes more popular with every passing week, manufacturers are trying to produce a vegan equivalent of all things that meat-eaters enjoy.

They've done well to come up with vegan cheese, vegan steaks, vegan pizza, vegan chocolate and plenty more.

But it looks like those advancements aren't being appreciated in France as the country has just banned produces from using meat-related words for meat substitutes.


Politicians voted in the motion because they found that when a producer uses words like 'steak', 'chicken', 'bacon' and 'sausage' but then chuck the word vegan or vegetarian in it can be 'misleading' to customers.

If they keep using the wording then they can face a €300,000 (£262,000) for breaking the law - not ideal.

This comes after LADbible reported that a shopper stumbled across 'cauliflower steaks' at an M&S store in Manchester, and took to Twitter to share her baffling discovery.

It was almost laughable because you can usually get an entire cauliflower for less than a quid and M&S were selling the 'steaks' at £2 (usually £2.50 - wow).


The ban in France was proposed by farmer and MP, Jean-Baptiste Moreau, who tweeted on Thursday to say the move would 'better inform' consumers, adding: "Our products must be given correctly: the terms of #cheese or #steak will be reserved for animal products."

While it looks like times are changing in France, veggie 'Beef Style Quarter Pounders' and veggie 'Shawarma Kebab' are getting more and more popular here in the UK - to the irritation of some vegetarians.


Previously blogging on HuffPost UK, reporter and vegetarian Sophie Gallagher pointed out: "If people have given up meat because they don't like the idea of eating animals, then equating it to a steak seems a bit backwards".

She added: "Fundamentally all this marketing of vegetables as burgers and steaks achieves is allowing companies to charge more money for what is essentially just a grilled vegetable that you could buy for 10% of the price in the vegetable aisle."

And she's got a point because shouldn't cutting meat out of your diet be just that? Not eating an impersonation.

And let's face it, a cherrybell pepper, feta and spinach frittata really hasn't got a patch on a medium rare fillet now, has it?

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