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Futuristic £250k Ambulances That Can Reach 99mph Seen On UK Streets

Futuristic £250k Ambulances That Can Reach 99mph Seen On UK Streets

The space age ambulances could be coming to a hospital near you

The ambulance of the future that promises to 'bring the hospital to the patients' has been seen out on the streets of the UK for the first time.

It's pretty tech, too. The futuristic ambulance has been launched by International Ambulances and - let's be honest - it looks like a spacecraft.

They'll cost about £250,000 each, but in return you'll get emergency unit on wheels that can get up to speeds of 99mph. That's a decent whack if you're in need of a quick trip to hospital.


The space-age medical vehicle is called Aseco and it's not only bigger than the current models of ambulance, but it has more gear in it too.

Because it is bigger, it can accommodate an x-ray machine, amongst other things. Let's let the Chief Engineer behind the new vehicle explain some of the features, of which there are many.

Phil Bevan said: "In everybody's life the most important vehicle you'll use is an ambulance. It gives you that golden hour between falling ill and getting into hospital.

"It needs to be in a safe and comfortable condition. Our ambulance does that in spades.

"Well, it certainly looks the part. Obviously, Phil is biased, but you've gotta admit, it sounds pretty top.


He continued: "We've made our ambulance one that is prepared for any challenge or type of situation.

"Most ambulances take the patient to hospital but ours takes the hospital to the patient. What we've done is make the patient area bigger and kept the crew cab area the same size.

"The stretcher is at the centre of the cabin meaning medics don't have to stand up, but can sit down and wear a seat belt when moving.

"This means that two medics can be closer to the patient at all times."


He added: "We're going to save hundreds of lives. The ambulance enables crews to do their jobs to the best of their abilities."

As well as all of the stuff that's already been mentioned, the new vehicles are also going to be fitted with specialist blood testing equipment as well as machines that can check whether a patient has had a stroke or not.


However, it's not immediately clear whether International Ambulances have a contract to provide these ambulances to the NHS yet.

A spokesperson for the NHS said that it will be up to each individual trust whether or not they want to get the new vehicles.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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