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Mum Cures Baby’s Eczema Using Soap Made From Her Breast Milk


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Mum Cures Baby’s Eczema Using Soap Made From Her Breast Milk

Natural home remedies can often be a quick and easy way to treat common ailments.

One mum who knows this more than anyone is 35-year-old Joy Evans, who miraculously managed to treat her baby's eczema using her own breast milk.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Joy, from Haltwhistle, Northumberland, was at her wits end after trying everything to treat her son Finlay's long-term skin ailment, including GP-prescribed steroid treatments, emollient creams and over-the-counter remedies.

Despite her best efforts, nothing could get rid of the itchy red patches, which had been appearing on Finlay for more than a year.

According to Joy, the poor little chap had been experiencing spells of eczema since he was six months old, and had to be covered in order to stop him from scratching them.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Turning to alternative therapies, Joy - who herself is a breastfeeding peer support worker - decided to try making an organic soap she'd read about online.

As said, the key ingredient is human breast milk. And, although it might seem a little out there, not to mention taxing on Joy's supplies as a mum, she decided to go ahead with it.

To her surprise, it totally worked - using breast milk that was kept in her freezer, Joy mixed up a batch of the homemade soap and within a month Finlay's eczema started to disappear.

She said: "I was a bit sceptical when I found it, but I hoped it would work. I hoped it would at least take the edge off or make him less itchy and uncomfortable.

"That was my hope, just to make him more comfortable, but it exceeded all my expectations.

"We just got to the point of wanting to try anything. I had some old expressed breast milk that was too old for him to drink still in the freezer and just decided to give it a go.

"One day at baby group he had been stripped down to his nappy because they were doing messy play. I just looked at him and thought, 'it's all gone'. I was amazed.

"This is the most successful thing we've found in treating his eczema. Nothing else we've tried has worked as well."

Now Joy only uses the soap to keep Finlay's skin condition at bay, and it's worked so well that she promises to always keep a batch on hand in case of any other ailments that might crop up in the future.

Credit: Kennedy News and Media
Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Joy added: "It comes out like a normal bar of soap but a little bit softer. It's like when you buy a really posh soap and they're oil-based so they're a bit squidgy.

"They come out like that, which I presume is because of the fat in the breast milk although I don't know the science behind it.

"We just use that in the bath, no bubbles or anything else, just the soap to wash him from top to bottom.


"I think skin is very personal and it's about finding the right thing for you. But for us it has worked. It's cheap. The key ingredient is free, so all the better." Can't argue with that.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

Topics: Breastfeeding, Mum, eczema, Skin

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