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Firefighters Issue Warning After Man Gets Penis Stuck In Gym Weights

Firefighters Issue Warning After Man Gets Penis Stuck In Gym Weights

Strong story.

Michael Minay

Michael Minay

Now, I'm not too sure at what point you sit in a gym, see the hole in the weights and think, 'yes, I'll stick my penis in that', but it happened.

The heavy weights, that are used for squats, deadlifts, bench pressing and alike are for that purpose only.

They are not for thinking the hole in the middle, which is used to slide onto the metal bars, is a substitute for another sort of hole.

Credit: PA

However, firefighters were called to a gym in Germany when a man had placed his penis in the hole and later realised he couldn't remove it.

Firefighters in the city of Worms posted a picture of the smashed 2.5kg weight after they spent three hours slicing it to free the penis.

The man was initially taken to hospital on Friday morning with the weight still attached, but doctors were unable to free him from the metal plate.

After being sedated, firefighters used angle grinders, a saw and a hydraulic rescue device to break the weight.

It took them three, yes THREE, hours.

Writing on Facebook, the fire service said: "Please do not imitate such actions."

Credit: Feuerwehr Worms

It's certainly an odd injury, and can be filed under the 'weird gym injuries' category.

Reddit users contributed to a thread detailing further bizarre happenings in a gym.

One wrote: "Personal trainer here. I saw a guy doing squat thrusts and had a hernia in the middle of it. You could see a big bubble popping out of his abdomen.

"He kind of looked at it in shock, pressed it back in and just said, 'stay the fuck in there'."

Credit: PA

Another added: "I fell off a treadmill because I missed a step. Slammed my chin into the belt of the treadmill like an uppercut from hell. Just got up and walked away to leave because I was so embarrassed... jaw hurt for weeks."

In a separate, yet similar thread, one said: "Farted while deadlifting. It took me by surprise, I wrecked my form, and I ended up injuring my traps.

"I got better after a couple weeks of rest. Now I always take a dump before any heavy leg work."

Lessons learned all around.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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