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Flat-Earther Puts Sign On Beach To End All Conspiracies

Michael Minay

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Flat-Earther Puts Sign On Beach To End All Conspiracies

There are many flat-earthers who believe they have the right theory to prove that the earth is not the spherical shape we (mostly all) think it is.

However, whereas some are actually more plausible than others, others are a bit extreme.

That includes Eric Duboy, who put a homemade sign at a beach in south-east New Zealand.

His strong message, which urges people to 'wake up' and 'do research', encouraged people to watch the YouTube video 200 Proofs Earth is NOT a Spinning Ball.


Credit: Facebook / Stephen Voss

Dr Stephen Voss spotted the notice and posted it on Facebook, commenting: "Spotted on our walk to Lawyers Head this afternoon, it appears that the flat earth society have infiltrated St Kilda.

"Funny how they equate doing research to watching YouTube video."


Credit: Facebook / Stephen Voss

The sign based itself on the theory of calling the base-point for any altitude measurement sea 'level' - suggesting something flat - as opposed to sea 'curve' - which is (surely?) what you'd expect if the world was a sphere.

Stephen told The Sun: "I was unaware of any local flat-earth group, so it is a bit of a surprise.


"Of course, this sign may just be from a single nutter rather than a whole group of them.

"I'd like to think us Kiwis are a little less susceptible to this nonsense."

The video clip mentioned has been viewed almost two-million times, and is compiled by Eric Duboy who describes himself as a 34-year-old American living in Thailand.

His part time job is teaching Yoga and Wing Chun, but his full-time career is 'exposing the New World Order'.


The video description reads: "Please sit your friends and family down to watch this most important documentary and help share this on all your social media accounts so we can wake humanity up to this greatest deception and mother of all conspiracies."

There are many people out there who believe we've been lied to ever since a GCSE science textbook was created.

D. Marble was another who took a flight from North Carolina to Seattle, with a spirit level in hand to see if the pilot would dip the nose of the plane to compensate for curvature.


"I recorded a 23 minute and 45 seconds time-lapse, which by those measurements means the plane travelled a little over 203 miles," he says in his video.

"According to curvature math given to explain the lobe model, this should have resulted in the compensation of 5 miles of curvature. As you'll see there was no measurable compensation for curvature."

Ok then.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: flat earth, Theory, Conspiracy

Michael Minay
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