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Scientists Warn That You Shouldn't Eat Your Bogies

Rebecca Shepherd

| Last updated 

Scientists Warn That You Shouldn't Eat Your Bogies

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

If you've opened this article, chances are you've had a little scour up the snout. Try and deny it all you want, but 91 percent of adults have admitted to doing so (on a regular basis, too).

For some people however, things go a little further and they end up letting curiosity get the better of them and having a taste of their nostril nuggets.

There's nothing wrong with a little inquisition, in fact we're all for it. But the line needs to be drawn somewhere.

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

If you're not quite ready to give up the snotty snacks just yet, it might be worth knowing that you may actually be causing yourself more problems than whatever weird satisfaction comes with eating the bogies in the first place.

According to Business Insider, bogies serve as your body's front-line defence against invading germs. Basically, when you breathe in you're also taking in bacteria and dirt which get trapped.

As you carry on breathing and air hardens this mucus that's formed which becomes a solid booger. Nice, right?

However, if you then resort to munching on that little fella you are essentially ingesting a bacteria-ridden ball and, in turn, releasing a host of harmful pathogens into your system. Not to mention, you're also putting yourself at risk of infection.

To anyone thinking well I'm strengthening my immune system - NO. Just no. There's no scientific evidence to prove that's what you're doing. Basically, you're just eating your bogies for nothing.

Irrespective of eating them, you're also doing more damage than good by picking your nose in the first place.

David Walliams snapped leaving the Britain's Got Talent semi-final in 2015. Credit: PA
David Walliams snapped leaving the Britain's Got Talent semi-final in 2015. Credit: PA

Not only are you prone to more infections, as previously mentioned, but you could also experience nosebleeds from excessive picking or even nasal lesions.

According to Medical News Today, if you need to treat any problems up there, you could try to apply petroleum jelly, use a saline spray to keep the passages from drying out, or use topical pain relief creams.

Or alternatively, blow your nose and stop picking the poor thing.

It is advised that people should book in with their doctor or healthcare provider if their nose picking causes: nosebleeds, breathing problem, inflammation or infection.

Other ways to stop picking is to try and keep your hands busy using things like stress balls, a handheld game or take up some arts and crafts.

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Rebecca Shepherd
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