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Stay In A Stunning Treehouse In Bali For £30 Per Night

Stay In A Stunning Treehouse In Bali For £30 Per Night

It's cosy, but the views are on point...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Looking to take a holiday but a bit short of cash? Well, when it all comes together, this might not be the opportunity for you, but it'll sort your accommodation right out.

You could stay in a picturesque treehouse in Bali for just under £30 ($55) per night. That doesn't sound too steep, does it?

First off, it's a treehouse. Who doesn't dream of living in a treehouse?

Secondly, it's in Bali. You've probably heard that it's quite nice out there.

Yeah - this nice.

Anyway, here's a few more details to help you make your mind up.

The tree house is called 'Rumah Pohon' and it is situated in Nusa Penida on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

It sits on the coast above the staggeringly blue sea. It offers some absolutely idyllic views. Looks pretty relaxing, to say the least.

The (fairly badly translated) description of the property reads: "In this tree house all your childhood dreams embodied in a miracle.

"Imagine waking up from sleep accompanied clean air, the sound of birdsong, and the smell of fresh trees.

"Moreover, coupled with a panoramic view of the sea, sunrise and sunset are certainly amazing In Indonesia, now your dream can be realised because we have found exotic tree house that you can stay."

Righto, we get the gist of it, at least.


It's pretty cosy, which makes it perfect for a romantic getaway, but far from ideal if you're planning a family holiday.

Try Disneyland if you want something of that nature. However, if it is actual nature you're after, this two-person treehouse could be the one.

Yes, it sleeps two - presuming that you're sharing the one bedroom - and has one bathroom. That's about it, although what more do you want?

Each night you fancy staying will set you back £29. Yes, that's just £29.

Judging by some of the reviews that have been left, it's pretty great. One said: "This was the most beautiful place I have ever stayed,

"It is a work out to get there but it is so worth it. I didn't think there would be a shower so that was a nice surprise. The food was great and the staff were extremely nice and welcoming."

Fancy it?

Another said: "The tree houses are amazing. The sunrises were stunning. We stayed for two days. Perfect for those that want a nature /camping experience in Bali."

The downside? It's so popular, you'll have to wait until after September 2019 to get a reservation. However, 2020 could be the year for you.

Featured Image Credit: Airbnb

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