There's Many Things Apple Didn't Tell You About The 256GB iPhone X

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There's Many Things Apple Didn't Tell You About The 256GB iPhone X

After months (and months, and months) of speculation, the waiting was finally over on Tuesday as Apple launched its next generation of iPhones.

The iPhone 8 and its bigger brother, the iPhone 8+, are the latest pieces of technology to have been developed by the world's second-most popular smartphone maker. And then there's the iPhone X.

The X is the anniversary piece, which has no home button and instead uses facial recognition to unlock the phone - not that this proved successful on its first presentation to the mass media.

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On Tuesday, Apple revealed to us a lot of details about the iPhone X, including the fact that it's 'all screen' with a super retina display. It also has wireless charging, 'true depth cameras', and longer battery life, as well as being waterproof.

However, there were also plenty of things that Apple didn't tell us about the special edition phone.

Phil Schiller, soon Apple's SVP of marketing, told us all about the price of a 64GB version of the iPhone X but failed to say much about the 256GB version.

The lower-storage version is still a pricy $999, or £999 for UK customers (I think the exchange rate magically got worse in Apple's world), but brace yourself for the cost of a 256GB phone.


Ready? $1,149.00 (and that means it's likely to be the same for UK users).

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Yes, over one-thousand pounds/dollars - which makes it more expensive than some of their other computer-like products on the market.


A 12.5-inch iPad Pro with 256GB of memory costs only £859 ($1,140), a 21.5-inch Apple iMac desktop computer is a healthy £949 (£1,259), and a MacBook Air with 13.3-inch display will only set you back the same as the iPhone X.

In addition to the hidden cost of the bigger phone, there are some advantages that weren't mentioned.

The phone supports fast charging, something that is common to many of Apple's Android competitors. It now means that you should be able to get 50 percent charge in 30 minutes.


Credit: PA

iPhone X features Galileo support, Europe's new satellite system, meaning it's going to be even harder to lose your phone - which I can imagine will come as a relief to anyone who's dropped that much money on it.

Despite the super retina display, the iPhone X won't be as bright as Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, but at least that means you can go on your phone whilst your other half lies asleep next to you, and they won't wake up thinking the floodlights are on.

Other unmentioned things include: the selfie camera hasn't improved, and the notification centre is where it has always been.


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