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The Royal Wedding Caused A Huge Drop In Traffic On Pornhub

The Royal Wedding Caused A Huge Drop In Traffic On Pornhub

The royal wedding drew in such a large TV audience that traffic on adult site Pornhub dropped by almost 20 percent in the UK

Almost a week after the royal wedding, the figures are in and finally, the numbers that we have all been waiting for can be revealed. No, not the TV ratings - the Pornhub stats.

The adult website has released its analysis of the royal wedding, showing that there was a massive drop in hits that coincided with the nuptials. Some cynics might say they tuned in for a big load of wank in any case - but not I, of course.

"Our statisticians soon discovered that as the ceremony began, worldwide traffic plummeted by a massive 10 percent, led by a 21 percent drop in the United Kingdom and six percent in the United States," says Pornhub Insights.

"Across the United Kingdom, traffic during the ceremony was down -21 percent in England, -19 percent in Wales, -15 percent in Scotland and -14 percent in Northern Ireland. Traffic remained below average throughout the rest of the day, with a further drop of -17 percent in England around 5pm."


Pornhub searches for Meghan Markle's name spiked during the days leading up to the ceremony, with a massive increase of 2,812 percent on the regular search volume for her name - a salute, of sorts, to the newest addition to the royal family.

That might just mean just 2,812 searches in total, of course, which would be an increase on a usual search volume of one, quite possibly isolated in the Windsor area. One suspects that might not be the case.

Of those who searched for the new Duchess of Sussex, plenty of them failed to correctly spell her name: a full quarter got it wrong, with 'Megan Markle' and 'Megan Markel' being the most popular misspellings.

Pornhub Insights

Good job they didn't write 'Megan Merkel', which is a niche fan fiction genre that nobody needs to see (but almost certainly exists).

Other guests also got in on the act, according to Pornhub. "Many celebrities attending the wedding also caused increased interest from fans searching Pornhub," the jazz giant said in a statement, presumably written on several sheets of paper that are now stuck together.

"Meghan's fellow Suits co-star 'Abigail Spencer' saw searches increase by +178 percent, 'Kate Middleton' was up 988 percent, 'Serena Williams' +108 percent, 'Victoria Beckham' 4213 percent followed closely by 'David Beckham' up 3440 percent."

Pornhub Insights

Pornhub loves releasing statistics on its users, with annual reports that make the news by breaking down searches by country, as boffins establish what turns on users around the world.

Usually, the most common search phrase is simply for porn from the country of origin, i.e. French people searching for porn featuring French people, which doesn't seem like much of an insight - surely people just like to wank in their own language.

Occasionally, however, there are interesting conclusions - such as that searches for Stormy Daniels, the porn star alleged to have had an affair with Donald Trump, experienced a 2,500 percent increase in traffic during her interview on the subject on 60 Minutes.

Featured Image Credit: Pornhub / PA

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