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People Shocked After Realising That The Sombrero On A Sierra Tequila Bottle Is For Salt

People Shocked After Realising That The Sombrero On A Sierra Tequila Bottle Is For Salt

This is a game changer

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Sierra Tequila has one thing that makes it stands out in the booze game. No, it's not just that it's a nice tipple - it's the fact that the bottle comes with a little plastic sombrero.

When you're wasted on affordable tequila it's perfectly understandable for you to put the little hat on at pre-drinks. You can dance around and have a little fun with it, and it's a sobering reminder when you're cleaning up the next day of why you feel so rubbish.

But that little colourful hat actually has a use beyond fashion statements.

People have started realising that it you can use it to help salt the rim of a shot glass - pre-drinks will never be the same again.

But that's not the only thing that you can do with that little hat.

After the Sierra Tequila South Africa Facebook page asked fans what they thought the sombrero was for, people started submitting some absolutely class ideas.

Not only can you use it to create a salty rim, but you can use it to accurately pour a near-perfect single shot of the white or dark nectar into your drink.

But if you already have a perfect pourer for your drink then you can also use the hat to squeeze the lemon or lime that you're planning on using for said alcoholic drink.

While you probably could use the hat for all three things, you would probably end up with a very messy drinks table. So, maybe you should either keep three hats on hand or just stick to using it for one purpose. It's up to you.

But at least you now know that you shouldn't chuck out the hat when you open that bottle of Sierra Tequila.

Featured Image Credit: Sierra Tequila South Africa/Facebook

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