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Tide Detergent Now Comes In A Box And People Are Worried It Looks Like Wine

Tide Detergent Now Comes In A Box And People Are Worried It Looks Like Wine

There are always scare stories about children who have got into the cleaning cupboard and necked a bottle of bleach, apparently it's pretty dangerous.

The arrogance that comes with adulthood says they could never be so stupid, but this may not be the case for much longer and we could soon be hearing warnings for grown-ups who have done just the same, after a cleaning firm revealed a radical change to the design of their detergent.


American laundry detergent 'Tide' will now sell a product in a cardboard box rather than a plastic bottle, but people have said they are worried after the spotted that the new design, which comes with a small dispenser on the side, resembles a wine box.

After CNN Business shared the new look on Twitter, people were quick to point out the potential design flaw.

Replying to the post, one person wrote: "Why did they design it like boxed wine?"

Another added: "They thought that people eating tide pods was bad. . . just wait until folks start chugging that thick, blue wine with notes of ocean breeze."


In response to the outcry, some pointed out the funny side and said the new box will make it a lot easier to use at parties.

One joked: "Buying three of these and were having a party at my place."

To which another replied: "I'll bring the fabric softener!"

Credit: Proctor & Gamble
Credit: Proctor & Gamble

Before a third said: "Can't taste any worse than the gnats piss you usually find in wine boxes."

Another Twitter user said they might be on to something and shared an idea for their next design, and asked 'what's next, Tide in a keg?'.

The new 'Tide Eco-Box' was released last Friday and, according to the brand's parent company Procter & Gamble, by changing the product - the firm in will help reduce the amount of plastic it uses in shipping the detergent around the world by 60% because it doesn't require any additional layers of cardboard boxing or bubble wrap, which bottles do.

Isaac Hellemn, Brand Manager for eCommerce innovation in P&G's Fabric Care group, said: "We know that the 'last mile' remains the biggest challenge both economically and ecologically in eCommerce.

"The Tide Eco-Box is designed to keep the convenience of online shopping for the consumer but reduce the overall impact of that convenience on our environment."

David Luttenberger, global packaging director at market research firm Mintel told CNN that it is the ideal product for consumers.

He said: "Its size is perfect for the e-commerce supply chain. It's an easy package for nearly any consumer to pick it up, manipulate the opening features, and dispense from."

Sundar Raman, vice president of P&G's North American Fabric Care Business said: "This is a fundamentally different approach than we've taken in the past."

And in case you actually needed to be told, DO NOT DRINK TIDE DETERGENT.

Featured Image Credit: Procter & Gamble

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