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Restaurant In Turkey Fits Plastic Domes For Diners Post-Lockdown

Restaurant In Turkey Fits Plastic Domes For Diners Post-Lockdown

The new transparent domes encourage diners to keep a safe distance

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A Turkish restaurant has fitted large plastic domes outside for diners to encourage people to keep a safe distance post-lockdown.

The Turkce Meze Kubbe restaurant, overlooking the Bosporus in Istanbul, has popped up a number of the large domes. Restaurant worker Sezai Kalay says the bubbles allow a 'more sterile, cleaner, more hygienic environment during the coronavirus period'.

The domes are pumped with fresh air and inside they're laid out like normal restaurant tables, with seating for several people - they also offer a fairly cracking view of the waterfront.

In between uses, the domes are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to ensure customer safety.


One customer said: "I didn't leave the house during the coronavirus period. Today is my first time out. It's a very close friend's birthday.

"We weren't really planning on coming here, but it caught our attention when we saw the domes from the outside, and that's how we decided to come here."

The country has had 4,905 coronavirus deaths since March and has recently relaxed its coronavirus restrictions, with restaurants reopening on 1 June.

However, officials announced that residents in the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa must wear face masks while out and about to help stop the spread of the virus.


Meanwhile, in the UK Wetherspoon has given us a glimpse of how our pubs might look post-lockdown.

The pub chain opened its pub The Mossy Well in London's Muswell Hill to give a journalist a preview of how things will look when boozers can reopen their doors.

Large screens have been put around points of sale as well as markings on the floor to remind punters to keep their distance. Customers will be given disposable menus, while sat at tables that are either more than the required two-metres apart or surrounded by a screen.

Wetherspoon will also put stickers on tables to remind customers not to move them and ask people to pay via the Wetherspoon app so that drinks can be brought straight over to the table.

Customers can still pay at tills, but will be encouraged to use the hand sanitiser that will be dotted about the place.

Wetherspoon representative Eddie Gershon told The Sun: "We do have the advantage of our pubs tending to be on average 4,000 square foot in customer space and 75 per cent of our pubs have beer gardens, roof terraces or outside areas.

"We appreciate that our pubs will have to have less people in line with how many we are allowed to have here but because they are slightly larger we probably aren't as badly hit as others are."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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