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Woman Threatens To Punch Breastfeeding Mums And Babies In Social Media Post

Woman Threatens To Punch Breastfeeding Mums And Babies In Social Media Post

A woman has lost her job after posting on social media that she would punch the next mother she saw breastfeeding - and her baby too

Mischa Pearlmen

Mischa Pearlmen

Here's something you probably shouldn't do if you work at a store - publicly threaten to punch mothers who are breastfeeding in the face. Otherwise, you might just get the sack from your job.

That's what appears to have happened to Carly Clark, from Spartanburg, South Carolina. It's believed she worked - the emphasis being on the past tense of that verb - as a manager at a branch of national pet store chain Petsense in the town of Gaffney.

Presumably after seeing one too many mothers breastfeeding in public for her liking, Carly wrote a Facebook post that threatened violence not just against anyone doing that in her presence, but also to any baby involved.

Kennedy News and Media

The post read: 'I'm not sorry. The next female that tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby bc I'll punch it too."

She finished her post with the following hashtags: #zerocare #why #inpublicletsjustshowkidsboobs #notmine.

Because information about anyone and anything is available online with a little bit of digging, it didn't take long for angry parents who'd seen the Facebook status to link Carly to the branch of Petsense she worked in.

The branch then posted a statement on its social media accounts. The post on Facebook read as follows: "Petsense demands the highest standards in ethical and personal behavior from our employees.

"We absolutely would never condone violence such as was recently posted by a former Petsense employee. These are her individual views and do not reflect the views of Petsense or its employees.

Kennedy News and Media

"This individual is no longer employed by Petsense. We sincerely apologize to all of those who have been affected by this situation."

Jessi Vogel, 25, was one of the mothers shocked by the Carly's violent rant and shared screenshots of it with Petsense.

"I was angry," she said. "I am a nursing mum with my second baby. I already find that breastfeeding is quite hard on my body.

"To see another woman with kids say that she's willing to give the woman a black eye for feeding in front of her children - it really takes us a step back to have other women saying this.

"It made me angry because it's not right for someone to say that at all. I was really shocked.

"Breasts have become so sexualised and it's perfectly okay to use them for advertisements and things like, but as soon as you start breastfeeding in public you get looks and it is not right.

"I believe on one of her comments her reasoning was that she didn't want her kids to see. But the thing is that taking a moment out of her day to explain this to her children is going to benefit them. This is what God intended breasts to be for - to feed your baby."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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